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03 things that change a Common man to A criminal.

Every person has a good and kind heart by birth. It is the circumstances, conditions, and needs of that person which force him to become a criminal. It is a very true story of a common man of the earth or the common man of India. A common man dreams just a few basic wishes.

  • A Good enough salaried Job.
  • A Beautiful Wife who love him with all her heart and,
  • An Enough equipped Home with his Loving, cute Kids and His Parents.

Simple wishes, Yet tough to maintain in this overpopulated country. Even Common men here struggle to get enough money to fulfill their basic needs. In this big country with a small career opportunity and even a smaller chance to maintain that job for a long time makes every common man with uncommon life.
The common man employment rate can be judged with a simple figure as in the image. I am Saying common man because we only struggle to get a job and earn money for our daily needs. Whoever has some reference gets their part so much easier (I am not mentioning Nepotism anywhere😉).

Image Credit: Statista

India, a country where 16% of graduates and 14% Post Graduate don’t get a job is always talking and spreading messages about Common man rights here. A wish for completing his basic needs and situation of not getting any opportunity even after multiple common man appeal turns him towards a swamp of crime.
After lots of attempts, door to door search for a job, Request from multiple employers. When a very harassed and almost broke person didn’t get his source to fulfill basic needs. Then there come these main basic 03 reasons which can change a common man to a criminal.


Common Man Hunger: Parent of Crime

A human’s very basic need is food and water. One can somehow live without Cloths and Shelter but without food it is impossible. It is a very basic need and right of every person. There many reasons because of which hunger becomes a cause for criminal activity. Some of the main reasons which cause hunger are:

  • Poverty
  • Job Instability
  • Food wastage and Shortage
  • Climate Change
  • War and Conflict

In research, it has been observed that for Each percentage of Growth in Hunger Ratio, the Crime Ratio increases at a rate of 12%. Hunger death in the world has an approximate rate of 21,000 per day in 2019. Its too huge figure. The hunger rate in India is about 14% and Hunger death in India is about 7000 each day.
When you have tried maximum out of you to survive and get a better life and didn’t achieve anything because many unexplainable circumstances than Hunger and Poverty become the main reason for a person to jump in the field of Crime to survive.
A hungry person for the matter of life and death won’t ever choose death. Else he will choose some sort of crime that can give him some food.

Common man Greed: leads to Crime


In my view, A selfish and excessive desire to get anything or everything whether it is needed or not is called greed. Our little desire for selfishness is not a problem. We belong to society and being jealous or having greed is our by default nature.
Having a little desire limits to thinks of himself, his family requirements, and security first before anyone else. But when selfishness crosses its limits it turns to greed. To satisfy their greed people follow the path of unfair means and crime. Their unlawful activities then make people in trouble and other people’s life miserable.
Even after doing these non-social activities when their hunger for getting more and more money, power, and lust never satisfy those greedy ones. It becomes their habit and becomes a reason to justify their own mindset.

  • When a person taste how quick he can get all his requirement of daily need with his criminal activity. The seed of Greed grows in his mind. He wants more and more to get he never had and won’t be able to make it while running on the path of truth with struggle.
  • Either it is greed for money or greed of power is not good at all. its ultimate result is destruction. Greed for money is the root of all evil. There is a difference in being ambitious and being greedy. Greedy people make crime while ambitious ones make their effort.
  • One of the reasons why people commit a crime is greed. It is their greed of becoming more and more rich. People in greed never think about risks and results before committing the crime.
  • Greed is not because of fear or insecurity but because of excessive selfishness. This results in ignorance, lack of consciousness, lack of understanding, and loss of love.

Common man Anger: Causes Crime

Yes, this world is indeed a violent place. All form of violence has become common characteristics which cause a person to commit a crime is throughout human history. Starin in anyone’s life either because of money, insecurity, hate, sadness, or depression result in anger of that person.

This is not the fact that anger always results in a crime. We always got some sort of anger. Anger is just an emotion like our other emotions like love, lust, hate. In anger some people yell, some take liquor and most intelligent ones simply wait for some time to make their mind cool.

In anger, A person lost his senses and does all the activity without thinking any more about its result or consequences. Some time his sadness and anger become so much stronger than judgments. He tends to commit something which not social and considered in the category of crime.

Article in brief

I am not here to talk about its solutions. I am not a criminologist or a psychologist who researches about the mindset of a criminal. This article is a result of my thought and inspired by movies and books I read, the videos I watch. I observed those basic points which can cause a good man to do some non-ethical activity.
Activities that are not social and always tend to harm someone else either physically or emotionally. People got heart by them. Maybe they are right from their point of view. But when you think widen it is not good to do anything which will harm even a single person in any way.



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