04 Powerful Thinking that can Prevent our success.


One of the areas that I have an interest in is the personal habits that lead to success.

I mean, why do some people become successful and others don’t?

Just because of How they think and what is their thinking process.

Why do some automatically ‘get it’ while others go on for years trying everything and never having any real success?

What ‘breakthrough’ is needed to plunge your past failure and into success?

I’ll be very honest with you, I’ve never read any book on this like “7 Habits Of Highly Successful People” or whatever it’s called or any of the other ‘success books’ that have been published in the last 50 years.

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I never really liked ‘positive thinking’ at all… in fact, my biggest success came when my back was to the wall and it was “do” or “die”… it had NOTHING to do with ‘positive thinking’ and EVERYTHING to do with “DO or DIE” thinking.

That’s been my catalyst for me… Even when I seemingly have some sort of success I need there’s something inside me that says, “Hey, it could be all gone tomorrow, so you better hustle your ass and add value to what you’re doing, make more skillful work, Be more productive and Offer yourself to learn every day something new. Get attached to more people than ever before and make sure you are nice to them.

There are four types of thinking, in my opinion, that will get in the way of our success:

Comfort zone Thinking:

Not being able to move toward your goals because you’re ‘comfortable’ with what you already have… being ‘comfortable‘ with your present situation is like signing your death certificate. You’ll never succeed if you are too comfortable in your present situation.

‘No Fear’ Factor Thinking:

Fear is a great motivator- knowing that you could be broke and destitute if you lost your job or your business stopped working should be enough motivation to keep you going for a long time but most people do not USE their fear… they think they have to ‘think positive’ and ‘everything will be ok’ – Bull. You need to be afraid, very afraid and USE it to your advantage.

Limited Thinking:

The crap that gets built up in your brain over the years- stuff you think is true is, really not true and you are not being able to see clearly enough to know what’s the RIGHT thing to do. At that time you will unknowingly stop yourself and become cold.

You need to THINK for yourself and stop letting others do your thinking for you. How many ORGINAL thoughts have you had this week? I mean REALLY ORIGINAL…?

Distraction Disease Thinking:

The world, your life moves fast… Do everything fast… Go to work, take kids to the Theme park, fix dinner, go to the movies, watch a TV show (you’re fav), eat, love, walk. All constant distractions to being able to ‘focus’ on what you want. Take at least 15-30 mins a day to FOCUS on what YOU want. FOCUS on what you should do NEXT to get to your goal. FOCUS on easy-to-do STEPS that’ll give you what you want. Most people have Distraction Disease and their brains are fried from too much stimulus. You need to learn how to STOP, THINK, and PLAN.

Our success always depends on what and how we think about ourselves. Our thinking can prevent or lead us to success. Motivation can come from everything. What matters is, Are we thoughtful to look at those little hints, some incidents, and our sub-conscious thinking. We need to open up our minds to absorb every info we come across with.



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