05 intrinsic motivation Life lesson you can learn from Traffic Light

Live motivated

Have you been gone on any Road trip?
Are you usually travel via road?
In any case, you must have a faced Traffic signal.
Yes…!!! that Tri-colour light pole which can stop to move further or can allow us to go. The traffic light is also a very interesting thing. This gives a minute of relaxation from a long drive and Also makes you irritated while you are in a hurry.
If you give your time to think about this traffic light you can learn and motivate yourself from this too. This gives a lot of intrinsic motivation for our life to refuel our urge.

Intrinsic motivation from Red Light

Give time for yourself to get intrinsic motivation

Often we are too busy in our life. We don’t give time to ourselves and think about us. Even we can’t manage to give time to our family, friends, and relatives. We, humans, are social living beings. Without society and our knowns, we are nothing.

While Our happiness and success multiply many times with our family and friends and feel the enjoyment of it with its optimum. Our Pain and Life problems really get reduced after sharing it with our family and friends.

We live, we enjoy, and we find what we really are when we are with our loving ones. This red light gives us the message of finding ourselves and giving some time to loved ones. The Red Light Says: It doesn’t matter in how much hurry you are there is always a minute to set back and relax in your running day. Talk to your loved one for a minute, message some of your friends, and make new friends.

As you stop for at a red light and break your journey for some moment. You also need to stop yourself from your busy running life. Break your so-called busyness and be with your family. Give yourself time and don’t think about work.

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Intrinsic motivation from Yellow Light

Be ready with your intrinsic motivation

In everyone’s life, there is a phase when something bad happens with them. Either some medical issue, Joblessness, or any family issue. this all is because of our careless nature and lack of our pro-activeness. If we look at all those things give our time, care for that, and talk with our guardians and family members then there is a chance we can reduce the impact of any bad happening to our life.

Our life always runs through different conditions every time. And for every condition, it needs a special lookout and special care to make our life free from any trouble. we need to assess those conditions and plan accordingly.

Yellow Life of Signal says: It doesn’t matter if any problem looks small. You have to look out for it, make some arrangements, and resolve it. Be ready for any unhappening and get yourself prepared especially for any financial condition. Just like, during yellow light we start our vehicle get prepared to launch vehicles further in our path, We look on the road if anyone still in front of our vehicle or not.

Life is full of uncertainty, we are unable to determine what will happen next, it is not in our hand to look in the future. But what is in our control is to get ourselves equipped for any bad condition. Learn from our past and prepare for our future.

Intrinsic motivation from Green Light

achieve you goal

Facing a problem is not a new thing for us. From the start of human history, we are continuously evolving ourselves and resolving and improving with our problems. We never learn to stay at a point because of any problem. Either we find a solution to it or find an alternative.

However tough our life became we evolve ourselves by becoming more tougher. We face problems, we learn, We resolve it, and move in time. This is what our life should be like.

Green Light Gives us the same message that whatever your problem is and how many breakers come in your path to stop you or to distract you. You need to move forward always. Don’t stick on any signal just prepare yourself and move in life.

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Life lessons from Traffic light body

Be strong

A traffic light can give us much more intrinsic motivation. Even its Iron body is motivating. It makes you learn to stay strong in any condition or situation. It keeps telling you to be strong and fight for your wellness.

For traffic light body it doesn’t matter what is the outer condition of the environment. In a condition of too much noise, pollution, crowd, Heat, and so much intense environment. Then also it always does its job of guiding people to move and maintain traffic.

The condition Traffic light body very much resembles our daily life problem. Like:

“The noise around the Traffic Light is Like the Scream of our needs”

“Pollution is much like our Problems of Life”

“The crowd around traffic light is like Unwanted people of our life who stop us doing new things”

“Heat resembles Tension in our day-to-day life”

We always need to stay strong just like that Traffic light pole. No matter what the outer condition is. We should relax and think about the solution to that problem instead of always having stress because of that problem.

Life lessons from Traffic Light cable

Live motivated

The cable of Traffic light gives it the energy to work properly. We also need time to time push of motivation for our mind and impulse to our lifestyle. This always happens to us that after doing hard work but not getting any result makes us tired.

At that moment, if we think about our target, good things going to happen after getting our goal and a bad thing if we didn’t succeed. We get a push of intrinsic motivation for our mind and body.

This acts just like the power cable as for traffic light. Our intrinsic motivation keeps us charge always and gives us energy for continuing our work even if we got failure in mid-way.



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