Top 05 popular misunderstood words must to know during this Corona Era.

This year become a sequence of tragedies. Corona, Cyclones, Earthquake, Flood, Hazardous Gas leak, and counting. We all are really worried about our safety and our health. This Coronavirus makes us learn to be disciplined and take more care of our health.

Many unwanted things happening these days and also we came across some not so popular but misunderstood words that are now on everyone’s mind.
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1. Corona and Covid-19

covid-19 and corona

This is a big question that, Is any difference between Corona and Covid-19 as both terms are in Use very frequently and interchangeably. Yet both terms are connected to each other, both have quite different meanings.

Corona refers to a group of Virus which causes disease and illness to spread among alive because of the spread of the virus.

But, Covid-19 is the name given to a virus specifically from the group of Coronavirus. This special type of virus identified recently.
COVID-19 is the disease responsible for the virus called SARS-CoV-2 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. And Corona is the cause of diseases such as MERSA, SARS, common cold.
Take Away: While Corona is a Group of virus Covid-19 is a member of that group that harms people differently than the rest of the members of the same group.
Apart from the type of virus, the term “CORONA” is also related to astronomy and Physics. Astronomy– This is the astronomical event of a rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun’s corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disc of the moon.
Physics– A glow around a conductor at high potential is also known as corona discharge.

2. Quarantine and Isolation:

Quarantine and Isolation
Quarantine vs Isolation

We are often confused with these two words and maximum time use it wrongly.

Quarantine meaning is to Separate a person or group of persons from others to prevent any Communicable disease.
Isolation, while this word has a quite different meaning. This means to Separate a diseased person with strict restrictions from other people to safeguard others.
Take Away: So, If somebody found Corona Positive then he/she becomes Isolated not Quarantine. And the person who comes in direct contact with that diseased person is Quarantine.

3. Epidemic and Pandemic

Epidemic vs. Pandemic
The epidemic is the effect of disease in large no. Of a group of people within a community, Population, and region.
While During Pandemic The spread is among multiple continents and countries.
Take Away: We had to face an Epidemic if this Coronavirus was limited to China only but as this spread all over the Globe we are in a Pandemic state.

4. Social Distancing and Physical Distancing:

Physical Distancing
Yet both terms are self-defining but people always get confused between them.
Where social Distancing is meant to get separated from everyone else and don’t meet anyone.
Physical Distancing allows us to meet or family and friends but don’t allow to touch or get contacted Physically. This becomes a good alternative to social Distancing as maintaining social Distancing is not that much possible.
Take Away: If someone stays at his/her home for a long period disconnected from the outer world then that person is in social Distancing but when we meet everybody but don’t touch them then we are in Physical Distancing.

5. Lockdown and Curfew:

Lockdown vs Curfew

A curfew is a strict order issued by the administration to keeps people off the streets. Generally, it is applied during rioting or other such possible situation. Markets, schools, colleges are closed and other services are suspended during the curfew.

While, Lockdown is an emergency-like system under which private and public offices, private establishments, and public transport are completely closed. It is a temporary system adopted by the government. The basic objective of this system is to increase the social distancing to check the outbreak of any contaminated disease etc.

Take Away: During Curfew, no services can run but in Lockdown, Services are open for a specific period of time.

Few facts must know: 

misunderstood words
  • The method by which the N95 mask is used to prepare is known as corona discharge.
  • You must have used the N95 mask. Do you know, here “N and 95” stands for what?
    N stands for “NOT RESISTANCE TO OIL”
    95 stands for “THIS MASK HAS 95% filtration capacity”
  • Sneezing is not a symptom of Coronavirus but coughing is.
  • People with A-type blood groups are more susceptible to be infected.


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