Attraction, Affection, Assurance: 03 Life-changing stages of Belief

Stages of belief

Attraction, Affection, Assurance: Stages of Belief

In a relationship, Either with friends, Colleagues, Siblings, or Wives/Husbands. We always wonder “Can I Belief him?” or “Can I Belief her?”
We meet many people daily with our view and mindset. We meet some of them, frequently, and with some of them occasionally. During our meet, a Belief system works with everyone we watch and observe.
What do you think about how you come to a point where you start to believe someone?
In my view there are three stages of this belive system:
  • Attraction
  • Affection and
  • Assurance
Yet, I am not an expert though I Belief these three words sum up the whole of our trust world. We first see a person get a feeling of either attraction or Repulsion. If that person is able to attract us with his behavior, his style of expression, and providing details.
We got some kind of affection from him after a few days of Interaction. Our talks and discussion develop a force within us because of which we can start to get assured about someone that he won’t betray you.
Our whole life, our belief system, and trust for someone to rotate around these words. As they say: First Impression is the Last Impression. This really works in our practical life.
From our first meet, In our subconscious mind it is already decided that: Are we gonna Belief this person or Not?
Stages of Belief
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Attraction: Source of Sentiments 

For believing someone we first need to find something common within us and matching our mindset. A similar vibe works more here. If you get a person whose frequency of thinking, talking, and towards any work matches with you, you will find your mindset in that person and then it’s obvious you will get attracted to that person.
The initial feeling for trusting someone generates after attraction and this is the first stage of belief. When attraction comes into play we perhaps lose our thinking capacity or you can say believing started at the same moment.
Just think after observing food in plate what you conceive. If that food is looking great you will be forced internally to taste it. And if it really tastes good or bad will be decided after your interaction with that item.
During buying of any furniture or any item, we go to that item first which looks great. After that only we look into its basic quality. If it is strong enough or not and from the material, it is made of.
In a group of unknowns, we want to get attached to that person who is more active there. Apart from his quality. As we can’t know what inside a person’s mind during our first meet.
These all are just an example of How The Law of attraction works. We look, we observe, and we get attracted to it and at the same moment, a belief system started to work in our mind. This is obviously not result-oriented but somehow this shows its effect during our decision-making.

Stage of Affection when Attraction worked

 If you crossed the first stage of belief, this second stage of belief will help you to understand a person. Engagement with that newbie of your life will create its impression through his communications, style, and character.
You will be able to get to know that person more and more. The more you got to know him, the more your mind will either create a positive feeling for him or a negative one.
Positive affection of your mind for him will depend on:
  •  How he treats you.
  • If he, Shares his personal matter with you.
  • His honesty
  • Matching f frequency of thinking as of yours.
  • How he cares for you.
  • And most importantly how much time you spend with him.
This all will help you if you are really going to believe someone or it is just a phase after your fascination. If that was really just a fascination then trusting with that person will become tough. You won’t feel any more comfortable with him. Even his sweet talks will look like toadyism to you.
After all of this, Instead of asking a question like: “Do I trust His or Her” our question shifts toDo I believe in myself for trusting him or her“.
Answer to this question we find out in the next stage of building belief. i.e. Assurance. It will give you, your further reasons for believing someone.

Stage of Assurance: Verify your Decision

Assurance: Final stage of belief, It is very precious to get assured and trust someone. Getting assured don’t finish here, A long duration of the relationship and trustworthy Acts completes it.
If you are having some extent of assurance on someone. Then this simply means that you consider this by your heart that that person can be trusted.
By believing in someone, you started to believe in yourself, Your decisions, and your views. Serious self-examination is a starting point of assurance. Your best knowledge of yourself can only lead to the best assurance for anyone.
As we grow in this stage, we will learn the value of Understanding each other, Listening, and giving equal value. Finally, we must have the courage, to be honest about whatever new things we find about each other.
We will be in need to align ourselves according to other people and showing more & more trust.
With time depending on our acts, Our relation can be weaker if some trust violating plays come into action. We first need to compromise and develop a re-assurance thought if the trust had not been broken completely.
If assurance on that person broke completely, Life needs to be move on. Yet we didn’t forget to generate trust with someone else, As this life, its activities, and characters depends on trust. It may be possible that you have a wrong past experience But it doesn’t mean every person will repeat the same story.

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