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Awareness is the key to living in Balance [Tips to Get Awareness and how this help you keep mentally healthy]

Awareness is the key to living in Balance, and it is a totally accepted truth that no one can discard. Awareness definition for me is to know about your daily life and all the people, things, material, objects, and anything else you come across in your daily life. Having awareness in life is like having a Torch in hand in the dark. Awareness is the light of life that provides a path for it to define the real meaning of you.

Awareness creation is not a one day process you have to program your mind to look behind the scenes. Having a creative mind for awareness is always a plus point in life. Awareness drives us always with consciousness not just in our daily life but in our study, Career, and relationship too.

Why awareness is important?

To me, awareness is not only important, but it is also the most important and first skill you must develop to achieve any lasting and significant growth.

Do you want to know Why?

Without awareness about yourself, you cannot spot your own unhelpful patterns and also just as important, your own strengths, and thus you won’t be able to make any change or use them.

Without awareness about others, you cannot spot their unhelpful patterns and their strengths and help them to change, to know themselves, or simply to support them.

Without awareness about yourself and others, you cannot be aware of the dynamics of the relationships between you and others and the helpful and unhelpful patterns that are running and make them better.

Without awareness about the larger environment around you, you cannot spot potential hazards and opportunities that come your way and avoid or capture them.

Awareness and Knowledge

Having awareness and having knowledge is a very different thing. If I relate awareness and knowledge in terms of physics, Knowledge is like potential energy while Awareness is like Kinetic energy. I may not be right with this co-relation. Knowledge keeps us informed while Awareness keeps us active.
Knowledge is related to data, info, and what we experience in daily life. What we see, listen, touch, Read and tastes becomes our source of knowledge. It is stored in our minds and can be useful afterward.
While Awareness is not just confined to knowledge. Awareness comes from our consciousness which not limited and depends on collecting data and intel. Awareness is a fundamental aspect of reality, where we live.
A person can be illiterate and unknowledgeable on something but at the same time, his awareness and consciousness give him some idea about that. At least he knows that thing is harmful to him or not.
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What are the types of Awareness?

There are 3 types of awareness that help people who seriously want to improve themselves for their betterment and getting a new but improved perspective towards life. these 03 types of awareness are yet different but deeply connected with each other. For a real-life journey and expectations from life, you are advised to ignore any one of them to get developed:

1) Awareness of Self:

To about yourself and accepting as you are. It helps to really find our true value and how to increase it. Our strengths and weakness depending on how much aware we are of ourselves. 

2) Awareness of Others:

If you know how a person is, you can decide to either be with him or stay away from him. In either way, you will be benefitted from having awareness about that person. No one cheats you if are aware and alert about other’s behavior. The best thing is that being more aware of others can help you become even more aware of yourself, and vice-versa.

3) Awareness of Environment:

This type of awareness is the relationship between you, others, and the world at large. This helps you create and maintain relationships. Bonding with someone depends on how much you are aware of yourself, others, and the environment from where you two belong.


How awareness Helps for mental health

Raising awareness of person, places, building, and material helps us to imagine much more clearly about its behavior, position, structure, and property respectively. Awareness foundation creates a clear picture of thinking and getting more and more information about the objective we are looking for.
Your decisions, Right or Wrong depends on how much aware of some incident or plan. While it is not possible to attain the total objective we can still visualize and get aware of it. Although everyone has their level of awareness. Having awareness helps us to:
  • It helps us to become proactive and encourage us to think positively and increase self-development. 
  • Awareness helps us to see things out of perspective.
  • Awareness enhances our decision-making process.
  • It can improve us in our career, Relationship, and life.
Many awareness websites are there which helps people to learn and explore about themselves. They run an awareness program and charge heavily to tell you about yourself. Branded companies run Awareness messages to make people aware of them. It helps them to get more response from the public and increase their awareness level.

I’m not saying that we all need a top-level of awareness, but it gives you an idea of just what is possible and what isn’t impossible. Awareness building should be added to our daily practice to enhance our thought process and our activity.



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