From Basic need Generation to social wants generation

basic need generation

These were the days when people felt satisfied and pleased. They work for their basic needs. All there basic requirement is Food, home, and Cloths. All used to live a normal life, stress-free, with family and close to nature.

Time turns and all changes. Today’s generation is not just thinking about those basics.
There is a lot of difference from basic need generation to social want generation.
They want all whatever they see and feel. They want comfort, physical comfort at least. This need makes our generation stressed and always busy.

In the Current Scenario, our generation full of mental sickness, dissatisfaction, Demand, and Debt too. Not because of their increased needs but unauthenticated wants. This article is all about to differentiate among our wants and needs.

Where needs gives us cozy life needs gives just opposite, and it doesn’t matter how it looks shiny.

From Basic need generation: Why and How we changed?

Humans, A species that always aggressive to run towards, to ease its life with the help of modern technology. Always makes some decision, Thinks it’s final, and Rethinks always to Improve it.
I am not saying making a decision and looking back to it, is a bad thing. it actually a good one.
Our dissatisfaction and Curious mind take us to this stage of life. Where we can achieve whatever we can think of.
It’s a matter of fact that in today’s modern world, we live virtually and think it’s the real one. Social media has influenced us tremendously and became informative though. Because of that, a thin layer between Fact and Myth is created. Sometimes we believe in myth and consider it as fact.
Earlier People were socially active not Actively Social. I am shuffling these words as this is the reality of today’s world. We spend our time with those who are surprisingly available only virtually. We either don’t care for any real friend or if we have we don’t feel to have time for them.
This shows off on social media and its competition doesn’t really worth our life. Because of this only, Extra expenses for daily needs getting added to our balance sheet.
It’s like, Taking a bath is not sufficient, you have cover yourself with Deo & Perfumes. Our healthy food is not sufficient to maintain our health, we have to take extra supplements.

Why We are socially unsatisfied?

There is dissatisfaction everywhere. This leads to thinking unidirectionally and it creates pressure on us to raise our Social show off life. This stress in us makes our daily life so much hectic. We live in debt just to pretend to others. In the name of getting comfort, We are always in a race to increase the limits of the comfort zone.
We are not unsatisfied because we are not able to complete our daily essentials, But we are unsatisfied because we are always in a race wants. You can complete your need but you won’t be able to complete your wants. So, Limiting ours is the only option to get some mental satisfaction.
Here I am not saying to depress your wants but want you all to plan for it. If you think you need a mobile, plan and research for it. Look for the best to make a target, fix a budget, and then look for funds. If you have a sufficient amount of money take it or if you don’t have just plan to Collect that much. Don’t take a loan to fulfill your wants. It will take you in an ocean of debt where you have to compromise with the relaxation of your mind.
Unplanned wants and taking loans to fulfill those want is the reason for dissatisfaction and stress. We must have to think and rethink before going towards our wants. Differentiate between needs and wants. They look the same from one angle but if you change your perspective of thinking you will realize its worth.

Dissatisfaction is the mother of Need 

Yes… You may have been thinking that I have written it wrong.
But believe me, it’s not. Okay to make it clear, Let’s discuss the internet era.
In 1991 2G internet was launched. It felt awesome when we all surf internet through this. All data and all information was one click away. though its speed was not enough for the instant results then also it became need data centers.
In a few years, we think we need the internet with more speed. We tried and the 3G network was with us after 10 years of 2G launch. In 2001 we got a 3G cellular network. Its speed was good. And good enough to surf the internet almost instantly. videos can be played online and file transfer can be don’t so quickly. After the launch of 3G net speed too, we felt unsatisfied we launched 4G and preparing for 5G.
What you think about how all this happened?
The only answer is……DISSATISFACTION.
This is the root cause of any Invention or Discovery, Our unsatisfaction.
This article is not to criticize Our generation for being unsatisfied, but about how we can direct our dissatisfaction to make and plan for a better life. We need to guide our wants so that our dissatisfaction can’t dominate our needs. If we get bullied by it our life will be in a hectic position where we will not be in a situation to enjoy our life.

So, What can we do?

 Yes… We can’t depress our wants too.
So what should we do, So that we can fulfill our needs and manage to get our Wants?
For this, As I earlier said, We just need to identify and differentiate among our Needs and Wants. For example.
  1.  Having a mobile is our need now, But having a Tablet is a want.
  2. If cooler can brings us chilled air then we need Air Conditioner.
  3. If a four-seater car is sufficient for us why we need to have XUV.
  4. Titan watch is enough to check the time but why we need Rolex.
  5. Campus shoe is good for us, Why to go for Cole Haan.
These examples are just a mirror image for us to observe and distinguish between Wants and Needs. We don’t need to be Show off. Our simplicity and acts will speak for us. First of all, we just have to go for fulfilling our needs and then only we can have to plan for wants.
The need is, with which we can live and enjoy our life while wants are for making us more comfortable.
Need makes us complete, Wants makes us shine.
With Need, we feel our value & with Wants, We can show our value.

Long in Short
We are working to earn such a sufficient amount so that, we can enjoy our life and feel relaxed. But remember, Don’t enjoy earning. Because at last, “memories with your friends and family will matter not how much money you have earned.”
We say Change is nature. And yes it is the fact. Human also changes our reality, necessity, Likes, dislikes. All change, person to person, and generation to generation. Human race always in the process to evolve itself into a better one. Or at least we think in a better one.
Nowadays, we always demand better in any respect. And it takes us towards dissatisfaction and Its reverse is also true. Now our needs changed. We are not that generation, where having food, cloth and shelter is enough. Now we are in the period, where the list of our basic needs is too long respectively.
Now, apart from Food, cloth, and Shelter, our basic needs changed to Education, Internet, Mobile, Money, Social fame, and virtual character too.
It won’t matter if we change, get dissatisfied, want more, increase our need. It is not a problem. But it becomes a problem where you won’t be able to differentiate among your needs and wants. I am forcefully saying to make us understand if we wanna live our life with the same relaxation and without stress, as our ancestors lived.
“Want have no limits but need has. But, it doesn’t mean we don’t fullfill our want.”
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