Coach Attendant won’t be there for your Help in Express Trains

Train Attendant

If you had traveled in AC coaches of Indian Railway. You must have found one person in the coach always ready to help you. from your bedsheet to waking up you at your desired location. It is all responsibility of that person

Yes…!! I am talking about the coach attendant. You felt very helpful with service on the train for all your needs and requirement. Coach attendant are always present for your help.

But as per the latest announcement from Indian Railway, coach attendants will no longer be with you in AC coaches of express trains. Railway administration is in the process of ending their agreement. Also in the coming days’ Railway is considering providing, use and throw bedrolls (blanket, bed sheet, pillow)

Currently, the railway administration has removed bedrolls from special trains because of Corona’s increasing infection. In such a situation, the job of the coach attendant is also stalled. Experts say that the railway contract from the firms that provide coach attendants will not go ahead. Railway expenses have been reduced by not providing bedrolls to passengers. Bedroll washing mechanized laundry is also closed. However, the Railways are charging full fare from the passengers.

Coach attendants accompany the train to the destination. Then return from the same train. It is their responsibility to transport bedrolls to every passenger on the way and inform them about the stations. Bedrolls have full responsibility for the coach attendant.


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