Comfort Zone : Is it base for your steady progress or It’s Killing you ?

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Comfort Zone

This really confuses us. Because we feel here safe and look it as a well-controlled world of ourselves. This also gives us a feeling of strength and confidence. It is like a well-maintained shell in our mind which isn’t let us think or step out of its borders. It is so much developed and cozy that we think, “That’s all this is the world I want.”

By the way, stepping out of it or you want to live in it is a matter of your interest only. But I can give you a few suggestions and stories from my life which can surely help you to decide its true agenda in your life, Is this make you progressive or it will kill you?

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Story of my comfort zone

When I was in Secondary school, I used to be a guy in his comfort zone. you can just imagine my situation by my routine in school. After prayer, I used to seat on the corner seat of the 1st bench and remain there until school is over.

I have very very limited friends, I don’t use to talk to anyone. I don’t ever feel like having fun in the classroom or talking to any girl. It’s not because I was studying all the time or always solving some maths problem, but because I limited myself in my Comfort Zone.

My comfort zone was so well constructed in my mind that, I was always in fear that how will I respond to other guys or what will I say when if something being asked to me. I don’t know how to talk to some unknown person on a topic in which I am not interested at all.

I don’t know how some people met someone just moments ago and they are talking like, they are well known to each other for a long duration. I don’t know all this maybe just because I didn’t ever want to break the wall of my comfort zone. I never felt that the border of this zone is killing me or helping me.

I am saying, Comfort zone is helping me. It also has a reason. when we are in the comfort zone. Our mind doesn’t need to change anything, our all needs are fulfilled and you can focus on the improvement of your skillset. This makes to feel my mind is that I am too good that I am not getting disturbed by anyone and I am not wasting my energy on false things. That was all about my comfort zone.

Now I want to give you some positive and negative aspects of the Comfort Zone. This will help you more to judge, how is your comfort zone and what to do with it. Do you need to expend it or get rid of it?

Can Comfort Zone have positive aspects too?

According to Rhonda Britten, author of fearless living and Founder of Fearless Institute describes Comfort Zone as “Our safe place, the cornerstone of our identity founded on our accepted Idea of who we are.” According to her, we need to increase the limits of our comfort zone.

The bigger it is, the more masterful you will become in areas of your life and you can be more focused on your life priority which will make you a success. Our comfort zone is our safe place where we live on our terms and conditions.

This will help us to regularise our life stress-free. Just consider, if you are comfortable with wearing Black pants and a white shirt daily. then it will be easy to you chose what to wear and you don’t have to waste time because your priorities are set.

If you select fewer choices to make your life will be easy. which ultimately results in your stressfree life. Whenever we work on something we always follow our trend to complete that task. It doesn’t depend on the type of task we got.

We simply follow our own set rules first and try to resolve that after all our effort we complete that which makes us more relaxed and stressfree. this preset and predetermined path where we apply our own norms is called “COMFORT ZONE”

Negative Aspects of the Comfort Zone.

Many of or you can say the whole world considers the comfort zone as a killing agent. which is even true. because we can’t grow and feel every face of life if we won’t step out of our borders. let’s assume a jar, full of rice.

And someday a mouse falls into it and it found lots of food and get relaxed. That jar will become that rat’s comfort zone. And when all rice will finish it will cry for help, for hunger. but no one will come ever to help.

Without leaving our comfort zone we won’t be able to explore the outer world or can’t develop ourselves up to a recognizable level. Let’s observe the Venn diagram of the Comfort zone:

Psychology of comfort zone

We can clearly observe here, a comfort zone stops us to expand ourselves because it is a place where fear, lack of confidence. we find excuses and always get affected by others. We need to break this wall to deal with challenges, learn more, and acquire new skills. after that only we can find a purpose in our life and set our life towards success.

Think about your comfort zone

Wind-up of the Whole story

The Comfort zone can be a blessing or a curse all depends on you. Because it will make you in a way you treat this and make your life agenda. Our many great scientists like Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Alva Edison loved their comfort zone a lot and constructively direct that. While many more like us didn’t try to step out of our comfort zone and get destroyed.


  • It will make you stress-free.
  • Your life will run on well define, well-set norms and rules.
  • You can be a master of some activities falling in your comfort zone.
  • The risk will be minimized.
  • Will expand less energy of your daily tasks


  • It will always challenge you for new things every day.
  • You have to change and set your priorities every day
  • You have to try something new every day and decide.
  • More risks
  • You will feel like missing opportunities.
So, what you have decided. Share your thoughts in the comment box.
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  1. I think, comfort zone is for people wish to live contented life without Growth.
    Definitely it is not meant for an ambitious engineer starving for professional growth and working in project management environment.
    Very insightful blog detailing barrier of each zone, especially Comfort zone!
    Many thanks Baibhav.


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