do not change yourself for others

In a world that demands continuous change. It is a big question that how do you be yourself and do not change yourself for others?

Being yourself doesn’t mean you don’t need to change. You have to change to maintain yourself with this world but this change will need to be in your personality and lifestyle. I call this “ IMPROVEMENT “.

Changing yourself for someone else is not a good perspective because when you lose yourself, your personality, your habits, the very real you then you do not feel the same from inside. All those so-called upgrades to peace someone else is worthless when you won’t be yourself. And one day that person will tell you,


Getting changed and getting improved are two faces of a single coin yet together but different. Both have some relation but when you look a little deep both are quite different.

1. In this basic nature of yourself got damaged.1. Here you will find your basics upgraded.
2. You will have to lose yourself here.2. You will find the real meaning in yourself like your purpose and your goal for life.
3. You have to do this for someone else. Either because of fear or for Love.3. You will obtain this for yourself with your choice and your requirement.
4. Life will not be the same after you got some change.4. You will feel more comfortable and enriched with Happiness.
5. You will feel controlled by someone else.5. Your control is in your hand. You are the master of your acts, wishes, wants, and needs.


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Is Change a Sign of progress?

Everyone says, “ Change is a sign of progress“. But I want to rephrase this, the sentence should be like ” Improvement is a sign of progress “. Improvement has always a positive side but change can’t be always towards positivity.

Change has always 02 faces:

  1. Negative face and,
  2. Positive face.

But in case of improvement, this has positive signs always. You can’t say something improved until this creates a positive effect either on your life, your society, or the object that you call improved.

Improvement or in other words, “Positive Change” never ever gives you any stress in life, difficulty to live your life as before, or forcing you to change yourself. Do not ever change yourself for anyone. This is not only cheating with your loved ones but with yourself too.

As the quote from H. L. Mencken, “Change is not progress, But progress requires a change in a positive manner”. But what if this change in yourself costs the real you who lives inside you. do you want to kill that real person?

I don’t think any can feel satisfied and happy compromising with their real nature and freedom to act as you really want to. In fact, you don’t someone who doesn’t like you as you are. You beautiful, great, and more than enough as you are. Being yourself can be the greatest thing happening to you.

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Why We change Ourselves?

You will find plenty of people who will say to you: Do not change yourself for others. Even we know that changing ourselves will make us lose our reality. Yet we change, we lose and we get disoriented from our real life.

Sir Newton said, “ There can’t be any change in a system without having an external force “.

So, which force acts here which tends to change you and even you don’t know it until everything ends.

Well, this force has a different face for everyone’s life. Everybody change for different reasons and that reason could be anything. That force or you can say that reason could be like:

  1. Some people change to peace and maintain their relationship.
  2. Some change for their parent’s requirements.
  3. Some change to adjust in this world, society, and system.
  4. Some change because of their job schedule and professional requirements.
  5. Some change to fulfill the requirement of life.

There can be many more reasons like this and whatever reason is behind your change but changing the real you is not a positive sign for you, your life, and your loved ones too. If you have gone through something like this that needs to change yourself then you can feel my thoughts very well.

Do not change yourself for others. Well everyone changes themselves for their family and loved ones. We all change ourselves a little bit so that people near us will like us. A little bit of change is okay that can never harm your originality. But you should not try to change your personality, your appearance, or any part of you for anybody.

How to React When someone demands a change in you?

People will walk around you every day telling, how to walk, how to react, how to dress, how to look like and how should you live your life. Everybody’s nature and reaction towards life are affected by how was his past.

People who try to make you learn about things don’t know how you experienced your life and how you shaped it. They don’t who you are and why your actions are, and that’s okay. They can never truly know you and in reality, they don’t need to know you. Just like you do not change yourself for others.

Everyone wants to be loved and get respected by people they know. Many people always try to impress by doing many things. But this all never worth it. The greatest favor you can take is to love yourself and present as you really are.

People who really care for you and love you want to see you as you really are. Do not change yourself for others, this will never help you to impress anyone. You should intend to show yourself as you really are. You are nobody to misguide anyone by with fake and changed behavior.

Your nature, behavior, and action should not be imposed by some change just to impress someone. Your worth should not be dictated by your unreal behavior. Your worth is not depending on something you really not are. This doesn’t matter what someone tells you because at end of the day you are with you only and you have all the rights to tell yourself if you need to change or not.

Do not change yourself for others

You must have learned till now that, you should just be yourself and do not change yourself for others. you can be much happier if you don’t pretend to show who you really not. Once you learn about yourself when to learn, what to improve, when to react, and how to decide things for yourself.

Once you figure out this you will be a happier person in your life. if think like all those most common people then you will always have to compromise with your needs, wishes, and actions.

Yes, you will need to improve and change in a positive manner but what should be changed, when should be change,d and how should be changed must be only your decision, not a decision taken under pressure from other people.

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How can you be yourself?

Being yourself and represent yourself as you really are is a little tough task but when the world will know, you are not faking and there is not any difference between what you show and how you really are then all will love your honesty and truthfulness.

These 10 tips will really help you to learn how to be yourself and do not change yourself for others.

  1. Don’t ever aim to please others. Just show what you really are.
  2. Don’t worry about what others think about you. you can’t please everyone on this planet.
  3. Learn about yourself. your good and bad habits. Change those bad things and improve the good in you.
  4. Accept and appreciate it as you are. If you can’t, how you can expect the same from anyone else.
  5. Be confident with who you are. Doubting yourself and comparing with others will never help you.
  6. Forgive yourself for your silly mistake. there is always some space for improvement, try to fill it as much as possible.
  7. Stop being negative about yourself. your positive thinking about you can show your reality to others.
  8. Find a hobby that you love and learn from it.
  9. Learn from your mistake and from other’s mistakes as well.
  10. You must know what you really want from your life, your actions, and your behavior.



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