Don’t ask from God, Ask from yourself Your well-being is in your hand.

You are your Maker

your wellbeing is in your hand
We always do something for self-improvement of our life, our work, and Our lifestyle. Sometimes action and decisions find its result and sometimes all of our efforts seem worthless. We got frustrated and unable to believe in ourselves.
This makes our mind so tired and stressed that we can’t look for creating another opportunity for us and start blaming other people and God. But in my view, don’t ask from God, you are responsible for your condition just make efforts more passionately.

We often used to say that,

  • God has done wrong with me.
  • God doesn’t care for me.
  • I always pray from god but he never listens.
  • God is not helping me.
  • My luck is too bad. That why all bad things happening to me.
These sentences are just an excuse to step back from our decision and doings. We and only we are responsible for anything whatever is going on and whatever will come to our life. We want, we act, and we are cause for any change in our life. Not any other person, Not God.

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We, humans, are Responsible for Our Action Not God.

don't ask from god
When we do something, take some decisions no matters it’s a good decision or a bad decision. it is our wisdom and we are free to take it. We do have free choices as to whether have to commit a crime or do some social work for some good. A person is responsible for its action.
Our circumstances certainly play a vital role in our reactions. But that one concept I learned from my father that: You can’t blame anyone else or even god for your Doings. You are the only one who is accountable for whatever is going on in your life.
Let’s Learn this by a Story as stories make a great impact on our Life.
There was a gardner in a small village. he was so much responsive towards his work and very creative towards decorating his garden. Well groomed trees, Beautiful flowers ,and nice soft grass.
One day a monkey came to his garden and destroyed all plant and flowers. When that gardner saw that, He became so much angry that he caught that monkey and beat him black n blue. Because of this impact that monkey died.
This news of died monkey spread all over the village like forest fire. People started to blame him for his death and threaten to face consequence as he kill a God like animal. But the Gardner denied to face any consequense and Said: It is not done by me. It all done by my hand and God Indra is Creator of Hands, he is responsible of all this.
God Indra was looking all this, he appeared as a old man in between and Started to praise how nice looking was that garden is. Whoever has maintained that must be a good man. By listen this appraisel. That Gardner come in front that said, It was me who built this garden with my hand and now it is destroyed.
Than God Indra said, If are taking credit of your good work than Is it right to blame someone else for your wrong doings. Be accountable for your action either it is good or bad.

God always help us if our effort is true

listen to your heart
God already helped us by giving us our senses. We can Listen with ears, think with our minds. Watch & observe with our Eyes, Do our Work with hands. These all precious senses are the reason we can take decisions on our own. And if some of them went wrong we can’t blame God for this. Because Seeding can be done by you but how that tree will grow is not in Our hands. We can only feed it with its all requirements.
In the very same way, God can help us to think by giving us a few invisible hints but the ultimate result depends on us only. We can either make it or break it with our effort or with our carelessness.
  • The path can be provided, how to walk on that is our choice.
  • A gym can be arranged, but making your with that depends on us.
  • Resources are there, but how we use it, is all upon us.
  • People are there, maintaining a relationship with them is on us.
God always helps us in many ways. I personally feel that when I think whatever happened to me not good but after some time it results in front of me which shows its positive effect.
For example, After joining a company as fresher with respectively much less salary and working there for almost 03 years. It was unable for me to fulfill all the needs in that much less monthly payment. I was searching for a new job and mail to different HR every day on a regular basis.
After 02 months of my regular mail, I got a call from some other company for an interview. I felt good at that time for getting a chance. And even felt happier when checking my e-mail that another 02 more companies had sent me a mail for the requirement at their place.
I attended all interview And got selected everywhere. I don’t know what will you call this my luck or my efforts. I got an offer letter from all those companies and I have to choose from them. It is going to be my choice than that how will I give my career a road to its improvement.

99% Effort and 01% Luck

luck is not a strategy
We always do hard work at least we think we are doing our best. And after failure, we used to say, my luck was not in my favor. My effort was going to waste. And at that point only we forgot when we won’t have believed in us and we don’t consider our efforts useful.
how can some others consider this?
We have to believe in ourselves first, believe in our efforts, and our strategy. Yes, there can be some changes to improve it. But don’t ever consider this as waste. Because our luck will work only when we will at the edge of giving our efforts. Who knows our luck is also waiting for us to work more and more for giving us a really surprising result.
There is a breed of Bamboo in China. This needs to get regular water and fertilizers every day without missing. But that doesn’t even come out from the ground till 05 year of hard work and care. After continuous 05 years of it upbringing, it starts to grow. And in only takes 05 weeks to become 90 feet tall.
So, what will you say? That Bamboo grows in 05 weeks or 05 years.
This is all our choice that when we stop our efforts. Just after gaining a diamond or after finding a mine of diamonds. Yes, obviously that mine will take years of patients and hard work to get.
Yes, Luck is required to get success but that luck works only when our efforts are realistically hard and from the deep of our heart. There is a combination of Success mantra:
99% Hardwork + 1% luck = Success

Diligents don’t need God

hardwork always pays
We remember god only when, we are in some trouble. If we don’t get any problem we won’t even pray. Successful and Perfect people don’t need God. People who are in trouble and dependent go to god and need God.
Please don’t get me wrong here. My thoughts from the above are as simple as the topic of this article. When you give your best and make your moves sensibly. All of your efforts will result in your success and you won’t need to pray to god for your success. your efforts will show the path and your need will become accomplishing your goal.
If you won’t match your effort up to the mark. whatever you do it won’t result in your favor. It will always make you think, you are not lucky or God is not with you. you will always pray to God to make you successful. mentally you will be dependent on God.
Our achievements depend on how we act during our struggle. How many times we attempt to get success. And how we are desperate to get it. We are our maker. We think we act, and we achieve.
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