How Osama Executed by Obama

Its been 08 years of the 9/11 attack on the Twin tower in the USA, USA newly elected President Barack Obama decided to punish the culprit behind that attack for the revenge of USA citizens. This article will tell you how Osama executed by Obama. How this was planned, war room strategies, discussions, and much more.

The Initiation: How Osama Executed by Obama

The Osama bin Laden death story begins after the Situation Room meeting ended in May 2009, President Obama took some of his advisers to the Oval Office of the White House and closed the door from within. They included White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, CIA Director Leon Panetta, and Deputy National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

Obama told those people that he wanted the search for Osama bin Laden on the highest priority and that the progress report of this operation should be brought to his desk every thirty days.

Barack Obama writes in his autobiography ‘A Promised Land’, “One day before the ninth anniversary of 9/11, CIA Director Leon Panetta and his number two Mike Morrell asked for time to meet me. Leon said” Mr. President Osama We have just got very early clues about bin Laden. ”

“Our spies have found a man named Abu Ahmed Al Kuwaiti who serves as a messenger for al Qaeda and has close ties to Osama bin Laden. Our spies have monitored his phone and daily activities and They took us to a large enclosure on the outskirts of the city of Abbottabad, 35 km from Islamabad in Pakistan. Mike said that the area and size of that enclosure suggest that a high ranked al-Qaeda-linked man is living there.”

‘The Pacer’ walking inside the yard

Two months later, on 14 December 2009, the pair of Leon and Mike arrived once again to meet Barack Obama. This time he was accompanied by a CIA officer and an analyst. These officers were the head of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center and America’s Bin Laden operation. These two people informed President Obama of all the facts through which they reached that compound of Abbottabad.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta, referring to it in his autobiography ‘Verdi Fights’, wrote, “This yard was the largest of the surrounding plots. Nearly eight times larger than the adjacent plot. It was owned by Ibrahim and his brother. Their financial condition was not in such a state that they could own this property worth one crore rupees. The amazing thing was that despite being the owner, Ibrahim was not staying in the main part of the building but staying in the guest house inside the compound. ”

“This building had three floors. The top floor had a balcony, but this was covered by a wall.
Who creates a wall in front of the balcony?
The house neither had any internet connection nor any Landline phone. Our surveillance had revealed that sometimes a person would go out of the house and walk fast inside the yard. ”

“We named him ‘The Passer‘. Outside this house, garbage collector used to come, but the people of the house used to burn their garbage inside the yard and not giving it to the garbageman.” CIA spies believed that ‘The Pacer’ could be Osama bin Laden.

The option of air attack

Obama was of the opinion that although the government of Pakistan was cooperating with the US and helping its operations in Afghanistan, it was not hidden from anyone that some elements in Pakistan’s military and intelligence agency were Taliban and perhaps al-Qaeda was sympathetic to him.

President Obama believed that because of the proximity of the Abbottabad compound to the Pakistan Military Academy, the possibility of the fact that if the Pakistanis were told anything about it, this information could reach the person instantly, which he wanted to target.

Obama writes, “We had two options. The first option was to destroy the enclosure with an airstrike. The first advantage was that there was absolutely no risk of an American being killed on Pakistani soil. and Publicly we could deny that we had any hand in this attack. “

“But its disadvantage was that even if we were successful in destroying the enclosure, how would it be ensured that Osama bin Laden was present in it? And if al-Qaeda denied it, how would we prove that Laden was killed? Secondly, the threat could not be denied that apart from the enclosure, the people living around it could also be killed.

President Obama has clear instructions to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice-Chairman Hoss Cartwright, that I cannot allow this operation where thirty-forty people are likely to be killed even if it is not 100% sure that Osama is inside that yard You are living.

Plan: How Osama Executed by Obama

Obama further writes, “We had a second option to allow a special-ops mission in which the chosen soldiers would enter Pakistan by helicopter and attack the compound so fast that the Pakistani police or military would not have a chance to react. So I called Vice Admiral William McRaven to tell us what the attack would be like.

Based on the pictures taken above, the CIA created a three-dimensional model of the Abbottabad compound and Vice-Admiral McRaven briefed President Obama about the attack. It was decided that Seals’ selected troops would fly from Jalalabad in Afghanistan to one or two helicopters in the dark of night towards the targeted yard.

In a meeting convened on March 29, Obama asked McRaven a few questions:

  1. what would be our stand if Pakistan’s fighter jets intercepted our helicopters while entering or leaving?
  2. What would we do if bin Laden was hiding in a safe room in the yard and our team took longer than the scheduled time to find them?
  3. how will we deal with it if Pakistani forces surround the enclosure during the attack?

Obama writes, “Admiral McRaven insisted that his plans were made on the basis that he would avoid getting entangled with Pakistani forces and we would not give up possession of the enclosure even We got surrounded by the Pakistani army. Meanwhile our The diplomats will start talking to the Pakistani government for their safe exit from there. ”

Meanwhile, Haus Cartwright suggested another option. Why not leave a 13-pound missile on the yard with a drone when ‘The Pacer’ is out on its daily walk. Obama did not fill the final yes to any option, but he definitely said that in order to make a plan, let’s assume that yes is from my side.

Differences between Obama’s advisors

Among the people close to Obama, Leon Panetta, John Brennan, and Mike Mullen supported the raid. Hillary Clinton was worried that this would spoil the US-Pakistan relationship. She also feared that American seals would face the Pakistani army. Defense Minister Robert Gates opposed Raid. They argued that an attempt to free 53 American hostages in Iran in a similar manner in April 1980 had failed and that the US had suffered a lot.

In that Operation, a US helicopter crashed and eight of their soldiers were killed, and it was probably because of this that Jimmy Carter lost the presidential election. Vice President Joe Biden was also against the attack. He argued that the consequences of its failure would be very fatal. He believed that this raid should be postponed until the intelligence sources were fully sure of Osama bin Laden’s stay there.

Obama’s order for the Execution

At the dinner table on 28 April’11, Obama’s wife Michelle and daughters teased him about his old slippers he always wore at home. He also joked that Barak does not like Sweets at all.

After putting his daughters to sleep, Barack Obama went to rest in the treaty room and watched a basketball match on television. The next day, Obama was to go to Tasalusa in Alabama to take stock of the storm devastation and deliver a speech in Miami that evening. In between, they were supposed to take Michelle and his daughters to show the launch of the space shuttle ‘Endeavor’.

Before leaving, Obama sent emails to Tom Donilon, Dennis MacDonough, Bill Daly, and John Brennan to meet him at the diplomatic reception. Obama writes, “My family was moving towards South Lawn where the ‘Marine One’ helicopter was preparing to take off. Amid the noise of the chopper engines, Sasha, and Malia’s agitation, I agreed to the Abbottabad mission. I made it clear that Admiral McRaven would be commanded by this campaign and he would decide when the attack would be called. ”

Monitoring campaign from satellite

On the morning of May 2, 2011, Obama’s eye opened before the White House operator woke up. He decided to play golf for a while with Marvin Nicholson as he often did on Sundays.

Obama writes, “After returning to the White House, I was looking at some papers in the Oval Office, but I couldn’t concentrate. After a while, I sent my colleagues Reggie Love, Marvin Nicholson, and Pete Rouse to the Oval’s Dining Room.

” We called in and we started playing ‘Spades’. At two o’clock, according to Eastern Standard Time, two Black Hawk helicopters flew from the Jalalabad Airbase to the Abbottabad compound. There were 23 members of the seal crew. They were accompanied by a Pakistani translator And the military dog Cairo. ”

Obama left from the Oval Office to the Situation Room where Leon Panetta was connected to the CIA headquarters, Langley, via a video conference line. Admiral McRaven was in Jalalabad and was in constant contact with the Seals. Tom, Hillary, Joe Biden, Dennis McEdano, Gates, Mallen, and Antony Blinken were seated at the conference table. Obama was briefed on how Pakistan and other countries would be informed after the success or failure of the campaign. Obama went upstairs for a while, but then Panetta announced that the Black Hawks were about to land in the courtyard of Abbottabad.

Obama’s attention on the live feed

Obama writes, “As soon as the helicopter landed on the target I stood up from my chair. I said I would like to see it. I went to the next room where the live feed of this expedition was coming. There the Air Force Brigade in blue uniform General Brad Webb was sitting in front of the computer on a table. He wanted to give me his chair but I pressed his shoulder and asked him to sit. ”

“Webb immediately informed McRaven that I had got up from the conference room and walked into their room and was watching the live feed. In a short, while my partner also gathered in that small room.”

‘Geronimo – Enemy Killed in Action’

Just a minute before Obama was sitting there, a black hawk chopper descended slightly and before he could understand, McRaven told him that a wing of the chopper had hit the wall of the yard.

Obama writes, “For a moment I was very scared and started popping into my head that something bad was going to happen“.

McRaven’s voice echoed in Obama’s ears, ‘Everything will be alright.’ His voice sounded as if he were saying that a car in the shopping mall had a minor collision with a shopping trolley. He said, “These are our best pilots. They will bring down the helicopter safely. And that’s what happened.”

“Even for 20 minutes, McRaven didn’t fully see what was happening there. Suddenly both McRaven and Panetta simultaneously uttered the words we were eagerly waiting for: “Geronimo EKIA (Enemy Killed in Action)”. A sigh came out of the mouths of everyone present in the room. My eyes remained on the video feed. I said softly,’ We got him ‘. ”

Identification of Osama bin laden

No one moved from their place for the next 20 minutes. As helicopters flew back, Biden pressed Obama’s shoulder and said, “Congrats boss” Obama got up and shook hands with the people present there. But as long as the chopper remained in the Pakistani border, everyone remained silent. Obama gets relaxed when helicopters landed in Jalalabad at six o’clock.

McRaven told him at the video conference, “When I’m talking to you, Laden’s body is lying in front of me. I have seen a member of my team who is six feet two inches tall lying next to Laden’s body. “The dead man’s height is six feet four inches.” Obama joked to Bill McRaven, “You too, Bill. Went on such a big operation and forgot to take a measurement tape!

Closing the chapter of Laden

Osama bin Laden is buried in the sea under a prearranged plan. His body was taken to the American war vessel, Carl Vinson. He was wrapped in white cloth and then put into a heavy black bag.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta recounted it in his autobiography ‘Uniform Fights’, writing “150 kg iron chains were placed in Laden’s body bag to ensure that the body sank into the sea.” The bag was placed on a white table adjacent to the battleship railing. ”

“The bag of Laden’s body was so heavy that when it was dropped into the sea, he took down the table with it. In a while, Laden’s body was hidden in the depths of the sea, but that white table could not sink. ”

Soldiers presented to Obama

The next day Obama went to Fort Campbell in Kentucky where McRaven met him and Biden to seal the team that participated in the campaign.

Obama shook hands with all of them. He gave Obama a gift. He signed his American flag which he had taken with him to Abbottabad and framed it and presented it to President Obama. During this meeting, no one told who had fired on Laden and neither did Obama ask him.


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