04 Body parts having Harmful Future effects of corona virus

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Future effects of corona virus

future effects of corona virus

Even after peak recovery rate and A-symptomatic effects of corona virus. the future effects of corona virus can’t be neglected. While daily cases of Corona positive person and death from coronavirus is increasing day by day.

One the same time recovery rate of India is currently at its peak. On one side, where News channels are speaking how badly this corona virus is effecting India & the Whole earth, and On the Other Side, People are now not taking the corona virus so much seriously.

Here we are going to give you information about future effects of corona virus. If you are safe and not effects by the corona virus then it is too good. Be careful and save yourself from its effect. And if you are already tested positive then this information is for you only.

Maximum of us, Even after being tested positive for corona virus, we don’t have any visible symptoms. We feel as usual as we were earlier. We don’t have any effects of this virus but the future effects of the corona virus can’t be neglected.

Does a Patient recover completely when tested negative?

As this virus is just a few months old. And research for answering this question is going on day by day. There is not any certain and clear answer to this. Even those patients who got infected and cured again re-infected from coronavirus.

Even after having a negative effect of corona virus. the human body didn’t have the same condition as it was earlier than its positive effect. The human body is effected and some damage clearly can be found as future effects of corona virus.

Future effects of corona virus can’t be decided now. But yes as medical research is progressing and finding new information and effects of this virus day by we can give some idea on what will be future effects of corona virus.

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The balance of acid-base in the patient’s body is disrupting as future effects of Corona virus.

future effects of corona virus

The study to know the future effects of corona virus is about to be completed soon. According to the information so far, the Corona virus is disturbing the balance between acid and alkali in the patient’s body. Also, patients are having problems like dehydration or sudden heartbeat.

Because of this Acid-base balance disruption, the Acidity level of blood changes which is generating an effect during the to & fro transportation of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide to the lungs.

Lungs, Kidney, and brain functions can be affected because of acid-base balance disruption for a long time and will need medical intervention. if you are feeling acidity, just don’t ignore it. Go and meet with your doctor for a proper check-up. this can be one of the future effects of corona virus.

Eight and a half percent of patients who were healthy did not get X-rays as normal

Indicative Image

After getting information from the corona affected state or union territories, work has started on new symptoms of this virus. Meanwhile, about eight and a half percent of patients have also been found who have become healthy, but doctors have not found their X-rays normal.

A senior official of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) under the Ministry of Health said, “Two studies are being conducted on the corona. In addition to the kind of problems that the patients recovering from the corona, many patients are also showing many symptoms of the virus.

Most patients are those in which the balance of acid and alkali is getting impaired. Doctors are being identified during this investigation. After taking all this information through the reporting form, it is being updated soon so that the medical areas can remain aware of the new changes.

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Organs got effected as Future effects of corona virus.

Future effects of corona virus

If you have been affected by this virus and get cured then also you need to have a careful observation of your body always. As future effects of corona virus can damage your body part and affect its functionality.

As per research till date, there is 04 body part which can be affected even after you get cured of corona virus. future effects of corona virus on different body parts as per experts are explained here.

1. Corona Virus Reduces Lungs Capacity

When our body is affected by COVID-19, it scales a rebellious response. This activates our immune system to generate cells that will help our body to fight with corona virus.

In some cases, an infected person’s body might produce an excessive amount of cells to fight with corona virus. this excessive produced cell can harm our critical organs like the lungs.

Our body tries to heal itself, this process leads to an irreversible and scarring effect on our lungs capacity and show its effect as shortness of breath.

Studies of CT scan reports show grey patches called, ground-glass opacities. These grey patches are generally debris and pus formed during strong immune response against corona virus.

These pus and debris make the lungs less flexible and generates effects like shortness of breathing.

2. Weakens Heart

A study shows that about 20% of patients had an issue with their heart during hospitalization. Because of this virus arrhythmia is developed in patient, which causes a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat.

Because of respiratory sickness because of COVID-19, the supply of oxygen is compromised. As a result, low oxygen in the body increases pressure on the heart. after associating with our bloodstream, the virus gets its way to the heart muscle and start to damage it.

3. Damage to Brain

Our brain works perfectly with a sufficient supply of oxygen. When our respiratory system is compromised because of COVID-19, the supply of oxygen to the brain being insufficient.

Doctors have also found the development of blood clots in the brain which can cause brain stroke. This malfunction of the brain has not only found in elderly ones but also in young adults.

4. Effects on Kidney

Though there is no solid evidence has been found for effects on kidney because of COVID-19. But during dialysis doctors have found blood clots in the machine.

These 04 mentioned body parts are critical and important for our life. So, even after your cure from COVID-19. you need to have always observation on your body activity. if you feel anything abnormal please contact your doctor and treat yourself well enough.


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