Grasshopper Attack in India: How it started and How it is going to effect us ?

Grasshopper attack in India
First Corona than Amphan and now Grasshopper attack in India creates a terror in life of Indians. It looks like the year 2020 is really devastating for India and its citizen and makes the long-run where we have to fight more and more to save us from these natural calamities. In India, we are facing this type of strike by grasshopper after 26 years. This kind of attack isn’t a normal action. This created huge disruption and unbalance when India is already fighting with COVID-19.

First Thing First: Grasshopper and Locusts

We must need to know, that these insects about which everyone is talking about and which are created such destruction to corps and to our farmers are not the same Grasshopper we came across within our daily life. These are called Locusts, which are of the same family group but way more different than grasshoppers.
    • Grasshoppers behave and live in individuals where Locusts move in high population density.
    • The appearance of Locust and grasshopper is totally different.Grasshopper and locusts