Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

Often we listen from our elders that, “To achieve a big goal, Don’t only focus on that, but also focus on all the small and seem to have value points and objectives. These small-small points will always lead to great things for success with the foundation of Steel. If you lose to observe that small points, it can be possible that you will achieve your goal but it won’t be long-lasting.

I was not able to feel the depth among these words during my childhood day. These suggestions and guidance seem to have worthless because I never felt the real meaning and never wanted to understand my elder’s perspective and their thinking.

During my college days, I felt the meaning and value of those words. When I started college, I learn to just pass the Semester exam only one-night study is enough. But when you want to crack the GATE exam, you will have to look at every single easy to easy or Complex to complex concepts. Each concept and observation will be helpful during the exam. And exam will be great only compiling all those small concepts. With smart work and a lot of studies because Great things never come from my comfort zone.

Great things take time

Great things need time

If you think like, I am impatient, I like fast moves, Love things to do now, Always dreams and wish that that dream come true next week, or An idea I got will take its shape tomorrow. Then you need to change your mindset. Life is not like that, It takes its time. But It never ever means we leave to take efforts.

We live in a world where everyone loves speed and want to do all job done quick and fast. But it always takes its time when something Great will going to happen.

  • A superb wine takes its time to get matured.
  • A beautiful garden takes its time to bloom.
  • A tastier dish takes its time to get cooked.
  • A great goal takes its time to get achieved.

In our life too, great things take time. It just doesn’t happen in quick mode. Great things come in small packages. We need to look very sharply at every package. We must observe each and every small detail to choose the required one. Great things happen at their own pace.

Yes, Observing every single detail will take time and you have to do that and have to give your time for it as great things come to those who wait and prepare themselves for this. Here “Waiting and preparing” isn’t mean that we need not do anything except waiting. We must follow our plan, discuss with our well-wisher, and look at each advising & details we got.

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Great Things Take Patience

Great things need patience

Great things in life don’t come suddenly. It takes time to get nurtured. Sometimes it happens to us that great things lie ahead to us we don’t notice them. It is a truth that “To show your Good looks you need a day but to Show your good nature you need a lifetime.“. This quote summarises our whole life, Our action, and Our responses.

You must have noticed that in highly reputed restaurants, they give equal importance to food taste and Food’s look. Yes, food takes time to cook good but takes the chef’s patients to look good. Good things happen almost every week to us but it takes a lifetime of patients to happen a great thing which can really change and make its deep impact on our life.

Good things may need speed but Great things are not done in impulse

Great Things Start from Small beginnings

Great things need small steps

There is a quote: ” A journey of thousand miles, Starts with Single Step”. Our life also wants us to initiate those care single steps. We need to be with great useful things to make our step more effective. Each small step will be counted when we look for a great thing to happen in life. From our mindful upbringing to our accomplished career, each step and event matter.

For any small beginnings, there two points we always need to keep in mind:

  1. A small step will seem like a “not-so-valuable” thing or it feels like a manageable thing. Which can distract your mind either to avoid it or do it later? But remember, Every small step will count to achieve that Great thing.
  2. Even it looks like a “not-so-valuable”. You must do it on time. Planning to do it tomorrow will only and only work if you have a concrete plan.

The great thing about small steps is it is easy to do and plan. We approximately know all about that. Like, how much time it will take, what we will need to get it done, and what will be its ultimate result. These very pre-know things make every single beginning to make a path and help us to achieve great things.

How to start small beginnings to Achieve Great things

Do you want to be rich or want to achieve great success in your career?
Then you need to know your goal first. Follow some simple yet effective steps to make some change and achieve great things in your life.
small steps for great things

1. Make a note:

Write down your goal first, like what you want, what will be your achievement and how will you count your success.

2. Break your Tasks:

It is always difficult to breakdown a mountain but it’s quite simple to break a stone. So, instead of making thoughts to break that mountain, and think it very difficult. Choose small stones. Break them one by one and after your hard work, planning, and efforts you will find a flat surface instead of that mountain.

3. Develop Required Skills

Your goal will depend on how well you know about it and how you plan to achieve it. If you don’t have that skill you first need to develop some skills. Only those skills will help you to know your target in a better way.

4. Fuel you Passion

When you will take those baby steps. You will find your decided goal too far at that point. The feeling of failure will come to your mind. But always remember, ” Great things take time to Grow “. Whenever you feel passionless or demotivated. Read your note of goal, Think about your feeling when you will achieve it. This will fuel your passion and energy to achieve your goal will return to you.

5. Discipline and Perseverance

To achieve anything above mentioned two things are most important. With having those things it won’t matter how much you need that goal, your target will never be accomplished. Always focus on your target, make a schedule, be in discipline. plan for it and your target will be achieved.



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