How this worldwide Lockdown effecting our country and its Environment…??

Lockdown effect

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This year started with the wrong foot with the Corona pandemic which has been affected in many ways to our life. While we are in the stress of losing our jobs, caring for our family and the Economy of the World. This lockdown also impacts our environment, obviously in a good way. Lockdown really helps to recover our nature in ways to reduce pollution from air and water.
Its been just 56 days of Lockdown in India and the effect on the improvement of the environment is clearly visible. You don’t need any instrument or scientific apparatus to view this clarity of sky and waterbodies. Our visible range has surged. A few weeks ago we were facing a problem with the quality of air, water, and noise pollution in our environment. Now it seems to be gone. Currently, we have clearer rivers and sky, on looking to that we are very much astonied as we had never seen either this much clearer depth in the river or so many, bright stars in the sky.
During this lockdown entire world is apparently shutting down. All factories, plants, refineries, and any other production unit are working on its minimum efficiency which results in very very less pollution to the environment. All transportation system either of roadways or airline doesn’t work now. which also helps our nature to revive itself.
The air quality index of India is self-explanatory of how our earth has started its grooming.
First of all, have a look at data from our major cities for Air Quality Index:
AQI for Delhi




AQI for Mumbai



AQI of Chennai



AQI of  Kolkata

As data indicates here before lockdown AQI of all four cities was in either in red color which is clearly visible in green or yellow after lockdown. This clearly specifies about improvement in the condition of air.

You can see the difference of condition of the Rajpath and the Tajmahal in this image

In Jalandhar, People can see the Dhaulandhar mountain range of Himalaya which is 250 Km away.

WhatsApp Image 2020 04 04 at 5.01.16 PM


The Yamuna is more clearer in decades comparatively
Yamuna River 1714ac97539 large
This impact can be observed on the weather map of India too.

Even the hole in the Ozone layer of earth is also filled in lockdown day.

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Yes..!! This Corona pandemic impacted our life brutally but it also became a blessing to earth. This lockdown has created that effect to earth for which we were unable to do in past decades.
“We must experience Heaven on earth;
May your homes, surroundings, and workplaces portray a safe clean environment.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!



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