Anger: Control, Cut and Calm down

Control your anger

We, humans, are such a creation of God who can become angry at anything even if someone did well to you. Understanding a Human mindset is not so easy especially when you don’t know or meet that person before. You can never know what can trigger the anger switch of another person. So, it good to be careful when talking to someone. After all, the most reason why a person gets angry can be from:

  1. Family problem: Some people get angry because they are unable to do enough for their family. They don’t have sufficient money to fulfill their responsibility for the house, if an individual is unable to satisfy the necessity of the house, then people quarrel among themselves. And person becomes irritated and anger filled in his veins.

  2. Abusing: If a person says something bad, then it’s natural that a person gets angry.

  3. On doing evil to someone: If an individual does evil to someone. And when that person gets to know that someone screwed him, the person gets angry.

  4. Making fun of any person: If someone makes fun of somebody or makes fun of that person then that person gets angry.

  5. On disturbing any person: If someone bothers an individual which person bothers that person, again and again, he gets angry.

  6. Insulting an individual: If a person insults a person’s being, then no man remains calm. she gets angry.

  7. Take the property of a person by fraud: Man can get angry when someone takes his property by fraud.

  8. Lying always to someone: When an individual lies about which person involves knowing, he gets angry.

  9. Accusing him without making a mistake: a person can get angry when someone wrongly accuses another person.

  10. Threaten any person: If an individual calls an individual religious, then that person gets angry.

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What harm can happen when angry

Harm of anger

Being Angry is a loss of self. You can harm yourself, Your relationship, and your social life. It is a most important thing you must know what harm will you face if you can’t develop something to control your anger. You need to know about the harm that you can face:

  1. When an individual fights and fights in his circle of relatives, there’s a conflict among themselves, today all are separated and are unable to stay happy for all times.
  2. If an individual utters a wrong word to a person, then they begin fighting amongst themselves. If an individual dies then their life is ruined.

  3. an individual commits evil if someone involves know and starts fighting with them and that they become enemies among themselves and later take revenge.

  4. If an individual makes fun of an individual, then he’s hurt and in his mind, a flame of anger arises in order that he can do anything thereto person.

  5. If an individual harasses an individual and he repeatedly harasses him, he gets angry which person kills that person tons. Today the matter goes to the police headquarters.

  6. If someone insults an individual, then that person gets angry and therefore the one that insults him doesn’t forgive him at all times.

  7. If an individual loot a man’s property by deceit, then he has got to face troubles throughout his life and a person whose property is taken by deception can ruin him at any time.

  8. On lying, a person gets won’t to lying throughout his life. When that man speaks reality, people won’t believe his words. it’s not wrong to lie, but when to lie, why to talk, during which circumstances it’s necessary to possess knowledge of those things if it’s being said for the aim of joking, then it doesn’t matter, but if the lie hurts someone’s feelings If it’s, one shouldn’t lie.

  9. If an individual doesn’t make an error and he’s wrongly accused, then that man won’t forgive that man throughout his life and someday also will accuse him.

  10. If an individual threatens someone, then that person features a feeling of revenge from within and when the proper time comes, the one that was bullied causes great harm to the person.

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How to calm your anger

fake friends don't forgive

Even after many problems, what most important is to control your emotions. Most especially the most destructive emotion, i.e. Anger. You must have to learn the ways to calm down even in the most drastic situation.

Becoming cool gives you a flow of constructive thinking and you can oppose the opposite situation that is harming you or because of which you are getting your anger.

  1. If something causes you to angry, then you ought to not believe and think over it again and again.

  2. If you’re very angry, then do the work that you simply like in which you’re interested and love to.

  3. If you’re unable to regulate your anger, then you leave that place.

  4. Anger is the hallmark of foolishness, so be a wise person and don’t let your anger dominate you.

  5. attempt to speak less if you’re quarreling because if you speak more then you’ll get angrier, so try to speak less.

  6. Learn to forgive If someone makes an error, you ought to not be angry thereupon person, rather forgive him.

  7. Keep your mind calm in order that you’ll not get angry over small things


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