05 love failure thoughts and how to overcome from breakup thoughts: Cloudburst in your brain

Because you need to regain and revive...

Love failure

Pain after Love failure is unimaginable and love failure thoughts can disturb you. Yet I am not saying that you should stop to love. Just don’t get depressed and get your emotions more matured.

Yet, We know love hurts a lot then also, Love makes us complete. Love is like finding yourself within someone other and understanding yourself from thinking of someone else. Without love, our life will be Like the moon without light. At least Once in our lifespan, we fall in love and feel the magic within.

Falling in love can be somehow easy but falling apart from love is too much worst stage of life. During this span, love failure thoughts, and hope of happiness seem non-existent in life.

Different type of thoughts of love failure and unexpected unacceptable change in our life brings a stage totally filled with crying nights, thoughts of the partner, memories of good times, watching photos, and always remembering of someone special who left us because of some reason.

After a breakup, our mind is always filled with different thoughts with all “WH” words like; why, how, what, and which. A cycle of Sleep, eat, think, repeat take over our daily life.

Here we will discuss different love failure thought which keeps on rotating in our mind and never let us feel ample.

1. Why he/She left me: Very first Love failure thoughts

Love failure thoughts

This is the very first love failure thought you will think of all of sudden after a breakup. Your mind will have always indifferent thoughts of finding out its reason and you will find so many, either logical or emotional reasons for your unexpected breakup.

But believe me, No reason will be able to satisfy your inner-self with a feasible logic and for your emotional justification. No matters what others will say or what your mind will process, your heart won’t easily accept this out of the blue unpredictable crisis.

There can be multiple reasons behind your love failure and your love failure thoughts.
For example:

  1. Out of balance relationship.
  2. Lose of caring and loving nature (at least your partner may think this).
  3. Over possessiveness.
  4. Lack of time for each other.
  5. Lack of understanding.
  6. Absence of emotional connection.
  7. absence of feeling of giving importance and praise.
  8. Giving importance to someone else other than your partner.
  9. Absence of enough Love and constant fighting.
  10. Losing the very real you, towards whom your partner was first attracted.
  11. A long-distance relationship for a very long time.
  12. Flirting with someone and cheating him/her on your partner’s back.
  13. Loss of physical intimacy.
  14. Had to compromise with his/her life goals and career.
  15. Because of some social issues like; Caste, Religion, and Status.

There can be some more reason which is not included in the above list. My intention for listing all those reasons just to clear your some extent of rest to waves of your love failure thought and gave yourself a real conclusion about some possibilities.

How to Deal with this love failure thought

There can be many reasons for your breakup, Either from your point of view or your partner’s point of view. You accept it or not, you have to live it and drive your emotions towards positivity.

As soon as you understand the reason behind your love failure and accept it, You will realize your purpose in life after this. you will now have to find a path for your emotional development and growth of your life.

Yes, there is always a chance for making an effort to change your love failure status and talk to your partner for the reason. You can change yourself, your thoughts, and your perception. Create a new and more mature understanding and give a new start to your relationship.

2. Why did this Breakup happened to me?


At the start of any relationship, it is filled with lots of promises, affection, care, and love. With time everything loses its charm and lovers even with the most understanding nature also have some disputes which become the reason behind their separation.

This love failure doesn’t happen all of sudden. it is a very slow process and the result of:

  1. Loss of attachment
  2. Lack of care and love
  3. Lack of giving importance.

You may have ignored observing your daily activities and the reactions of your partner to your activities. Being less sensitive and doesn’t make any effort to compose a mutual understanding by talking to your partner about what he/she think about your current behavior.

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These love failure thoughts and some behavior which is somehow a possible reason for your breakup can create a non-acceptable nature of your mistakes. Where you were not supposed to accept or even know your mistakes.

To understand your mistakes completely, you need to talk with your partner and request to explain your mistakes. So, you can realize and resolve.

It can be possible that when your partner found you that you are feeling sinful for your behavior. He/She can give you a second chance to start a new life again. But this won’t be easy you have to make lots of effort and do whatever is needed to resolve your love failure issue from your heart.

How to deal with this Love failure thoughts and Situation

Above mentioned situation of breakup thinking never let you either sleep or sit until you find a well-justified logical reason for your breakup. Love faith hopes nothing will have any effect on your emotions.

You won’t feel anything attractive when thoughts of love failure will submerge your mind. For getting some level of mental comfort you need to analyze yourself and you can ask a few questions to yourself like:

  1. Was I really taking care of him/her and giving him/her the kind of attention he/she wants.?
  2. Does anytime this happens that I ignored the love of my life?
  3. How much I really care for him/her?
  4. When was the last time I talked to him/her loudly and didn’t care to understand anything?
  5. When was the Last time I hugged him/her and Expressed your love?
  6. Was I being so much possessive?
  7. How was I behaving with him/her just before a few weeks of the breakup?
  8. Have I tried to talk, for any confusion or doubt of him/her?
  9. How was my reaction when He/She complained to me about some of my behavior?
  10. Has He/She lost his/her trust in me because of my actions?

When you ask the above questions, I am sure you will find your answer and the most possible reason for your breakup. Your carving for finding reason may get some base and you love failure thoughts will show a proper way for fixing your mistakes.

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3. Will He/She Come Back after Breakup?

love failure thoughts

Forgetting the love of our life is not so easy. Feeling and all the emotions connected can never forget and feeling for the lover will never change. Even after the breakup, we hope and always try to convince the love of our life to come back.

This love failure thought is strongly connected to your belief, the health of the relationship, and your behavior. You will always be in hope and feel for getting your love back. You will always,
check your mobile for his/her call or messages.
Listen to His/Her voice like He/She is calling you.
Always try to contact through your common friend or from a different mobile no. so, He/She will receive your call.
Want to meet even for 10 minutes so that you can see him/her and express yourself.
Checking His/Her picture and listen to His/Her recorded voice to gratify your mind.

A hope of comeback and feeling of saving your relationship turns your emotions on, and you will start to memories all those activities that can be a reason for your breakup. You started to consider all one by one.

This is the fault with us until something bad doesn’t happen to us we will not agree for our mistakes and never understand what our think and what He/She wants. If you are thinking of doing all those things whatever He/She will say to you. Why didn’t you do this earlier?

A relationship or I should rephrase my sentence, ” A true relationship with any selfishness ” can never break until mutual understanding and some kind of deception doesn’t happen in the relation.

How to Deal with these thoughts of Love failure

When your boyfriend/girlfriend breakup with you, you should realize it is not gonna be just one side. both have to feel the darkness of this breakup. But if you are correct at your point and confident that your partner is doing a mistake by breaking up with you then you need not cry, beg or plead. Just be confident your partner is not gonna have a nice person like you.

Yes…!! it is normal to be upset but you not only lived for him/her. you have your own life and respect too. which must not be compromised in any case. A true relationship has respect and understanding for all. if it is not there whatever happens is a fortune for you.

If you are true with your relationship and never hurt your partner and compromise to some extent that checks out for these 07 signs which can tell you that your partner is coming back for you.

  1. If he/she said, He/She loved you at the time of the breakup. then it is a great sign, you should try and convince your partner.
  2. If your partner seems genuinely upset during your breakup.
  3. After some time, if your partner initiates to text you or msg you.
  4. He/She asks you some questions and the reason for your breakup cares about your answers.
  5. He/She tells you that He/She misses you a lot.
  6. He/She makes plans to meet in the future.
  7. He/She slips and use your pet name during talk or text.

4. Is my Ex lover thinks about me after the breakup?

come back to your ex lover

When this comes to either women’s or Men’s thoughts after a breakup. It is going to depend on how you broke up and what happened at that moment.

It would be very convenient if we can read a person’s mind sometimes. Knowing what your Ex lover thinks now will make life much easier and helpful after a breakup. You would know if He/She is missing you or not.

For example,
if you two were fighting constantly even for a small mistake and not ready to understand each other point of perception. then initial feeling after your breakup will be of release.

If the breakup happens because either you or your ex lover cheated on you, then the cheater one will feel regretful right now. And if relation ended because you cheated then your partner is now feeling too much anger and hurt.

If I will speak in general, the feeling of having a breakup and what you or your ex lover experiencing love failure thoughts is not so constructive. Instead, it is full of negativity, anger, and hurt.

And if you were honest during your relationship and never even thought of cheating your partner then take my word sooner or later your Ex lover will contact you and ask for forgiveness that He/She broke with you.

Thinking about what your lover is thinking now after a breakup is like a rollercoaster of emotions. There always UPs and DOWNs, Negativity and hope, Anger and Love, laugh and cry. Loads of emotions flow through your mind and day slips thinking of this only.

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How to Deal with this Love failure thoughts

Always being in thought of what He or She is thinking about you after a breakup is like a quest to resolve. But it is not the time to think about what is happening right now but to create and give yourself such attributes so that you can revive again.

You need to talk with your ex lover but don’t show your possessiveness. just a normal talk or chat will help you to find out what is happening in her life and what she thinks about you now.

But, do not try to contact just after your breakup, give your breakup some time to getting cold. Or emotion of anger and frustration will burst out when you try to contact early.

Dealing with these love failure thoughts needs a lot of emotional courage and patience. you have to find out the correct reason and justify your love for your mistakes.

Sometimes just a logical justification is also not enough to get your love back, you have to know your mistake that leads your relationship to breakup. Understanding your faults and correcting them in the future will help you a lot.

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5. Should I contact?

how to contact your girlfriend
Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash

Among all love failure thoughts, this is so prompting and patience less. You should contact to your Ex lover or not will completely depend on
1. how you broke up?
2. what you both argued during the breakup and
3. What were the conditions of the relationship just before the breakup?

If you were fighting a lot and your partner was always complaining to you about behavior and change of nature then you must not contact and give some cool-off period to your relation. this period will help you to think about the right and wrong of your relationship and give you a perspective to think about contacting.

As per my personal opinion after a breakup, a No contact Rule must follow so that, you both will have enough time to elaborate on whatever happens and how to improve your relationship. this no contact rule will give you time to think about your mistakes and correct it.

A No contact rule of 03 weeks to 1.5 months can help you to find out if your relationship was true or you both had just crush on each other. if you both miss each other even after the No contact period and feel something missing from your life then it can be your true love.

If you had a breakup just because of some reasons like:
1. You didn’t have enough time
2. You misunderstood something.
3. You missed something important to Him/Her.

Then you must contact Him/Her ASAP. because in this case if you will not contact, your chance to get your love back will be destroyed forever. If you didn’t contact for your mistakes too then your Ex lover will think rude of you, non-caring, and not serious towards your relationship.

How to deal with these thoughts of love failure

After breakup thoughts of contacting your Ex lover will cloudburst your mind and you won’t feel like having the patience to contact. But you have to deal with your emotions and control your feeling.

Contacting and telling expressing your emotions is easy but understanding the need for No contact rule is all during this love failure thought.

In my opinion, you must follow things to prevent yourself to contact your Ex lover before time.

  1. Delete His/Her number, call logs, chat history from your phone.
  2. Block from any social media contact.
  3. Give your ex lover space.
  4. Avoid making more mistakes and correct whatever you made already.
  5. Find and create a roadmap to meet your relationship goals.
  6. Re-built your self-confidence and Re-vamp your living.
  7. Accept your mistakes and promise yourself and your lover that you will never repeat them.
  8. Realize what this relationship meant to you.


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