04 Effective ways to Praise someone for real to refuel motivation

Importance of Praising Someone


It is really a tough task to make someone feel important. Giving this feeling of importance plays a very important role in our day to day life. For some relationships, it is as important as Air for life. Praising someone can generate a positive feeling for you too. It helps us to gain confidence in the relationship either with your Parent, Lover, Colleague, or Friends.

Research shows that when we praise someone, that person generates a positive attitude for us and also gives them motivation. They feel passionate, reasonable, and attractive to us. This is the reason we should always praise our Lifepartner, Colleagues, Sub-ordinates, Friends, Boss, Customers, and to whoever we meet in our daily life.
We should Praise everyone whoever comes in our path and we spend some time with them. Every person has something inside them for which we can praise him. His skill, look, characteristics, and behavior will always have something that can impress you.
It doesn’t matter how you look towards his characteristics. It can be important to you or it can’t. But praising someone opens a door to a new world where you will find everything in your favor.

Direct Ways to Praise someone

The easiest way to praise someone is to appreciate him on his face. This type of appreciation directly tells him that you are impressed with his character, working style, behavior, or looks and you used to praise him from time to time.
For example:
  • Behavioral Praising: You are a very kind-hearted person.
  • Working Style: Your work method is smart to get quick results.
  • Looks: You look great with this style of beard.
From all of the above behavioral praising is most important. this brings people closer to you. this way of praising can be more effective with these two techniques.

1. Use of Name During Praising a person:

By using the name of a person makes him more interested in your discussion. And because of that, he listens more carefully to you. Whenever you want to share something important just remember to mention the name of that person during the discussion. This maximizes the probability that he will listen to you more thoroughly and will also remember your words.

2. What and Why Strategy:

Maximum praising just fails because of one simple reason. i.e. That way of praising just informs the listener what you like about him but that doesn’t tell him why you like that. Because of that, your praising will look like a flunkey. And your effort will waste.
For eg:

A. Behavioral Praising: You are a very kind-hearted person because I see you many times to help everyone whoever is in need.

B. Working Style: Your work methodology is quite impressive as you always get the exact required result.
C. Looks: You look great with this style of beard because your face becomes more impressive with this fashion.

Develop a habit of mentioning names always whenever you talk with someone. With this simple technique, your listener will always remember you and your words too. And if you don’t feel impressive then don’t praise because it will clearly felt by that person that you just praising to impress him.
Fake praising is a kind of sycophant and Sycophant is easily recognizable.

Indirect Ways to Praise Someone

Word of praise
This is also a more effective and much trustworthy way to express your view and praising someone. But this method involves direct contact. Even when you are praising someone but not on the face and that person can listen to your words then also that type of praise belong to the Indirect category.
Whenever you want to send your praising to someone you known just talk about his goodness with his good friend or some chatty person. And it will be for sure, That person will deliver your words to its belonging person. Instead of Personal praising, This type of social praising is considered more trustworthy.
  • Send your Praising words to Someone:

    Here you don’t praise someone, But you just tell a third person what and why you like about your guy. And that third person will praise your guy with taking your name. This method also leaves its deep impact as you are not directly involved in this but your name is with his praising. So, This method becomes more trustworthy.
    For Example:
    A. Behavioral Praising: Hey, Mr. Mondal told me that you are a very kind-hearted person because you care for everybody before taking any decision. How you do that?
    B. Working Style: Hello, Mr. Jain told me that you are very good at your work. Because your working technique brings you always a positive result.
    C. Looks: Hi Shnaya, Mr. Malhotra told me you look beautiful with this new hairstyle. I think he is quite impressed with you.


By these all method, tension is the air during a discussion released and generally that person smile to you. He will now give his interest to listen and act according to you.

Accept if someone Praising you

Accept praise
Accepting praising is a little difficult thing. This actually puts us in the dilemma of reaction. What to say and how to express become the most confusing situation at that time. Whenever you are getting praised by someone follow these simple steps:
  • Just, Accept his praising words.
  • Thanks, him for praising you.
  • Show your gratitude towards that person who praised you.
For example:
A. Accepting Behavioral Praising: Thanks to you and Mr. Mondal that he thinks like this for me. Actually, I do whatever I can for anybody. I feel lucky by doing that.
B. Accepting Praise for your Work: Thank you that you feel I am doing some good work for this organization. Actually, it’s all because of having supportive colleagues like you who always help me.
C. Accepting Praise for Looks: Ohh..!! thank you that you noticed. It is all because of my hair styler. By the way, you should try him too. He is really good at his work.
When you accept someone’s praising then this helps people to know that your self-image is good and you believe in yourself. Accepting praise show your confidence in yourself and your attitude towards your activity or behavior.
While rejecting appraising words gives a negative impact. This puts the impression that you are rejecting that person who is praising you. This creates some tension is the environment and any discussion becomes words of hesitation. So whenever you get praised, Just accept those and for these words.

Praising: Make it Your Habit

Thumbs up
You should develop a habit of praising. This will really help to make a really good and long-lasting relation. People will think good and positive about you. Confidence in yourself will increase and trust for you from other people will raise.
Just try to develop this practice in you and You will really get it soon that doing praising is more worthy and getting it. This enhance trust, Respect, care, and attention in the relationship which ultimately results in a beneficial way for your daily life and career.


  1. Its a nice theory in this current era of busy, fast, stressfull lifestyle. Your little praise can also bring big changes in people connected to you, so i truly wish you indulge this quality in you , with so many other qualities which you have. This will add another feather in your superb personality.


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