Your jeans have bad effect on our nature. Don’t you want to know these undeniable facts?

Read, Know, Understand and Help to Save Nature

Wash your jeans monthly

Environmental Effects of Jeans” Do You know that most of the companies themselves say that jeans should be washed only once a month! “

And now scientists are also telling the same Because Your jeans have bad effect on our nature.
Scientists are also saying that you should at least make a habit of buying and wearing clothes.

But how and Why Jeans have bad effect on our nature?
We will discuss here and reveal some facts which will tell you about some Research relevant to jeans and how can we save nature and your fashion style. 

Human and Nature

We need to save nature

Since humans himself is a part of nature, therefore most aspects related to our life are related to nature. Drinking, Eating, wearing, and living in this modern world are all directly related to the environment.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind what you do, what you eat, what you wear, and where you live. Because every action will directly or indirectly affect our nature and the environment we live in.

You should also see and learn how people work passionately for the protection of the environment, their living circumstances, and what kind of fashion they promote. Your curiosity should not make any effect on the goodness of nature and your actions should be to support our environment

From here you should pay attention to what you are wearing.
Do you wear jeans?
Well, More than half of the world is fond of wearing denim jeans of blue or any other color, but are unaware of the fact that the micro parts of these jeans go to rivers, lakes, or seas and cause damage.

Yes, new research has revealed that whenever you wash your jeans, microfibers come out of it and get washed away with wasted water. Although research has not yet revealed how it causes harm to wildlife and the environment, but concern has definitely been raised. It has been said that even though denim is made from cotton, it uses a variety of chemicals, including microfibers, and some amount of plastic too.

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How your jeans have bad effect on Nature?

Your jeans have bad effect on natureEach time the jeans are washed, these fibrous microfibers are released and reach the rivers, lakes, or other water sources with wasted water and cause pollution. In research, scientists tested several microscopic fibers found in the sediment of water bodies and found that they are only microscopic particles released from jeans.

Pollution of denim microfiber was found in the sediments of many small and large lakes in many parts of the US and Canada. Since many people in the world are wearing jeans, the researchers researched this pollution by associating it with jeans.

It was also found out that synthetic dye is used for jeans. Synthetic is not a natural substance, and some of the substances used to make jeans are even poisonous. So, this is suggested by scientist and research Research relevant to jeans, to Wash your denim jeans monthly only to minimize the number of microfibers.

How dangerous is this pollution?

Wash your jeans monthly

These fibers are, in the form of micro-particle plastic, containing chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Scientists are not yet fully aware of how the health of human beings is threatened by microscopic particles of plastic. But some have been known, such as polyvinyl chloride can cause cancer, then some chemicals cause hormonal disturbances.

This study says that it is important to be cautious about microplastics. Since natural microfiber denim is also contaminated with chemicals during its production, it should also be concerned about it.

One more thing to be understood is that such microplastic is treated in 83 to 99 percent water treatment plant. Then why worry about it?

Mathematics is behind the worry!


Each wash of your jeans releases 50 thousand microfibers, one percent of its treatment which cannot be treated is also of 500 fibers. This is the mathematics of a pair of jeans. That is, a pair of jeans is unable to treat 500 fibers

This number seems as low but this is only for a pair of jeans. When you calculated the total particle quantity of microfibers same becomes huge. So now guess that if half the population of the world is wearing jeans, then how many fibers are being mixed in water every time they wash!

!! You can imagine the number of pollutant particles !!

That’s why experts are saying that it is best to wear clothes made of natural things and methods and if you are wearing a dress like jeans, then at least wash it. The second thing to understand is that water treatment plants are of quality only in large and developed countries.

What Should we do to save Nature?

Save Nature to save yourself

The actual time of washing jeans can varies greatly from person to person. Based on how they use and how frequently they wear. if you live in a more humid area and wear it during gardening or construction work, it is recommended to wash your jeans daily.

According to Bahaz Trinos, a denim specialist in Canadian jeans company Naked and Famous Denim says, ” if you are doing just normal stuff wearing a pair of denim in your weekend, you could go easily 06 months or even a year without washing it

As we know jeans have bad effect on our nature, we need to look for some alternate ways to maintain our fashion and quality of nature. For eg.

You can replace your jeans with chinos which will give you more comfort and relevant style for your fashion sense. And also reduce the use of jeans so you won’t have to wash it frequently.

How Should you clean Your jeans so bad effect on our nature can be minimized?

Clean with Care

Yet there is not any approved guideline for cleaning of jeans but there some proven methods which certainly reduce extrusion of microfiber from your jeans so that you can save nature as well while wearing jeans.

Jeans have bad effect on our nature so it is recommended not to buy jeans and if you are a fan of it use it very occasionally. We are giving here 03 tips which will help you during the cleansing.

1. Air Dry your jeans

When you want to clean your jeans start cleaning with air-drying as your first step. Make sure to air dry completely and when they are being dried, it is usually better to finish it off in dry at low heat rather than let them dry in dryer completely.

This helps to soften your jeans after wash and cuts climate impact by 67% according to Pierson at Madewell advises.

2. Spot cleaning

If you need to clean some stains from your jeans then opt for spot cleaning always. It will save water as well as reduce the spillage of microfiber in a heavy amount. Spot cleaning will remove all your stains without losing the health and elasticity of your jeans. It will remove bad odors and also help you to keep your jeans soft.

3. Coldwater cleaning with Mild detergent

As per experts, it is recommended to clean your jeans with cold water and mild detergent to keep your jeans shine, elastic and soft. Cleaning with cold water also helps to non-removal microfibers because of which your jeans have bad effect on our nature.

Again I want to force you for minimizing the use of your denim jeans and also if you are using wash your denim jeans monthly to save nature and our environment we live in.




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