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Life is Full of Fake People

Can’t Deny…!! Our life is full of fake friends and fake people who seem to our best caretaker but in reality, they are only for fulfilling their purpose.

We are so social. We want and need to have people around us for our life, for our culture, and for our socialism. We meet many people every day. Some are close to us and with some, we have only casual relations.

From all the people we meet, some are special and for some, we don’t have a hard feeling.
Some people really care for us while some of them just care to show their presence.
Some have an emotional feel for us and some people just show their empathy to us.

Our life is full of fake friends and fake people. I am not saying all people you meet are fake people or fake friends. I just want you to take care of your relation and observe your mate deeply so you can find the true color of them.

You must know to differentiate your good friends and your fake friends. this is must have a factor in life, this helps us to grow, to rise, and to shine. ” Having a true friend is like having the support of knowledge from 100s of books.

Below are some tips and traits exhibited by fake friends and fake people. Please read and observe the people in your life. Ask yourself if anyone from your life and social circle embodies these characteristics.

Fake friend knows you only on a superficial level

A real friend knows all about you. Like: what’s going on in your life, if you are facing any problem or what you want.
While a fake friend doesn’t want to deep dive. they know only about your upper surface. Like what is your name, you belong to which place, in which company you work and maximum what kind of food you like.

Fake friends don’t know and even don’t want to know the real you. And because of this reason, they don’t ask any personal question that a real friend used to ask. They never initiate any interesting conversation about life and career.

Nor, they enquire about big things going on in your life like having a breakup or getting into marriage or having a baby or anything else going on in your life.

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Fake people and Fake friends will always praise you

fake praising

Our social life is full of people we very well and even with people with meet very rarely. A fake friend is always there for you to praise you either you have done the right thing or the wrong one. They will never suggest any improvement to your betterment for life and your decision.

When your life is full f fake friends, you will feel too good staying with them because you will get praised by them all the time and who doesn’t like getting complimented. Here, you need to learn how to discriminate between your fake friends and your real friends.

Your fake friend will support you always without asking you any question but your real friend will ask reasons behind your decision, think about your activities, and if they find anything wrong in between they will ping you to make it correct.

Fake people will remember you when they will need something

Hello, it is been a long time to see you. How are you?
Are you free next week? Look I am having some problems with my wi-fi can you come on next Sunday?

When someone talks like this, ” Be alert “. It’s a characteristic of fake friends and fake people. These type of people will call you with so much sweet and loving voice and ask you for your help. When they are done with your help, you won’t find them find they will need you next.

They will appreciate you for the moment and can thank you for your favorite food against your help. But if for any reason you won’t be able to help they start to defame you in society. You must aware and have knowledge about your friends when your life is full of fake friends.

Fake people will disappear when you need them

You can find the real face of any person during your bad time only. The true color of everyone is revealed automatically during your critical life term. Everyone seems to be helpful and attached to you during your good times. But when there is no one present to help you when you need it, you must the fact that your life is full of fake friends.

But those who stay with you and stand with you during your bad time are your real friend and true caretaker. you won’t have to call them for your help, real friends will be available always even you won’t ask for it.

A fake friend will always be busy when you need him/her. If this happens each and every time you need them or they can’t keep any of their promise made to you. There is a pretty fair chance that they are with you only for their own benefit.

A fake friend won’t fight from your corner

Have you ever observed anyone from your social life that, during an argument with a third person, they leave you and make their move outside?

A fake friend will not ever stick their neck and back you up during an argument with a third person. They will not stand for your support because they are mean and won’t find any profit by supporting you. There might a pretty good chance that they don’t want to take any risk because of you.

While a real friend will always support you in each and every condition even you are wrong at some point. Yes, they will correct you after the argument but in front of a third person, they will be in your corner always.

As much as they gain from being in your life. It won’t be enough for them to take action on your behalf. They will choose to leave you instead of taking favoring you.

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Fake people and a fake friend will talk about themselves only

fake friends
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

When this comes to conversation fake friends or fake people will talk only about themselves. They won’t take any effort to know about your life. They even don’t want to listen to what going on in your life.

During the start of any Fake friends may start a conversation by saying, ” Hello, how are you? ” That may seem to like they want to know about your life, But they will instantly turn the topic and raise their real funda of conversation.

They don’t ask you about your life because they don’t want to help you. You should always look out in your life if your life is full of fake friends or you have some true friends too. Fake friends are self-absorbed conversational narcissists people, who spend the majority of conversation time talking about themselves only.

Fake people will express their feelings with a lot of stories and adventures they have been on. Show off their achievement and top level of connections. These all are likely to be a story you may have heard much time from them.

Fake Friends Spread rumors and gossips

Fake people
Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

Have you ever listen to a juicy chunk of information from your friend. And He/she may have told you, ” Don’t tell anybody else, this is between you and me “. But after some time you heard that info from some other person too.

You should easily understand that info was spread by your same friends and he/she told everybody the same story with the same secrecy. Fake people love to spread the thrill of rumors about other people.

You can feel the fakeness of your friend when He/She talks about you with another person. They may have learned too little about you but they will brag like they know all about you and you are their mercy.

Fake people use any information about you as a social currency to show their presence and impressed others by showing they know all about everyone. ” Any of your secrets is not a secret with fake friends “.

Fake friends won’t be pleased with your success and happiness

life is full of fake friends and fake people
Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

This won’t matter how much hard work you do and how many efforts you have taken to get your success, they won’t be pleased to see your success. If you are happy in your life they will feel jealous.

Because of this jealousy, they are always on the hunt for finding some chance to put you down on your back. and this nature of them also relates to point#07 of their nature.

Fake people don’t want to see the success of anyone else or happiness in your life because in your success and happiness they see their failure and loss. Some fake friends even ditch you if your life is better then him/her or His/Her life is better than you.

Fake friends or fake people even won’t congratulate you on your success or promotion. They will just keep quietly or disappear from the situation.

Fake friends judge on your mistake instead to correct

fake friends
Photo by Trung Thanh on Unsplash

I told you not to do so “, is something like that you probably may hear from a fake friend. These types of people will not give you a concrete suggestion to help you with creating your decision. But if something goes wrong, they are always there to blame you.

They quick to make a judgment and criticize you for your mistakes and will give you a lot of impractical or illogical suggestions. They not really want to help you but just show off as they are helping.

They claim to say that, they warned you earlier about this but you didn’t listen to him/her. They claim, they had given all pros and cons of your decision earlier even then you didn’t accept his/her advice.

But in truth, they just enjoy showing that they are superior to you

When life is full of fake friends, it is impossible to choose anyone to take advice for any unknown problem you face. They rarely console you or give an effort to listen to your problem carefully.

Fake friends are quick to offer you their solution without careful listening to your issues, claiming they know it all. frequently they provide their opinion to you either you need it or not.

Fake Friendship is conditional

fake friendship is conditional
Photo by Bùi Thanh Tâm on Unsplash

Yes..!! Give and take is rule by nature. Without giving we can’t expect anything from anyone.


In the case of friendship if this condition is there then you must be aware and you must know that your life is full of fake friends. A true friendship has conditions, It is pure like a pearl. The biggest sign of a fake friend is that his/her friendship will be conditional.

We all have some boundaries and we should act accordingly. When an individual crosses its line then it can be normal that your friendship is not gonna stay longer. But, conditions can be very different. Boundaries can be created healthy and full of respect too.

And, for any reason, you crossed your boundary by punching on your friend’s face and you should be surprised if he/she broke his/her all relation with you.

On other hand, Conditions that can affect friendship are “Status“. If some of your friends don’t talk to you anymore because he/she is more rich or successful now, then you should understand that his/her friendship was never true.

A conditional friendship is where your friend doesn’t accept you as you really are. If you have to change your attitude, you dressing sense, your living style to get the friendship of somebody then if is an indication of fake friendship.

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A fake friend act differently in presence of different people

fake friends
Photo by Guy Kawasaki on Unsplash

does your friend have multiple types of behavior with you according to certain conditions and the presence of some people?
If yes..!!

Be aware of these fake people, a true friend never change his/her behavior in any condition until something is wrong from your end. If your friend is being nice to you when you are alone with him/her and don’t talk properly in presence of someone else then you must know that fake friend.

Change in behavior is the perfect sign of fake friendship “. if this happens, this is not only immature action but definitely not a real friendship. Real friends won’t feel ashamed to talk or behave nicely in front of others.

Fake friendship can be over on any disagreement

Every person has a different thinking process and capacity. On this earth, you won’t find anybody who thinks exactly as you think. there is always some difference of opinion. Besides wouldn’t it will be wrong if you agree with your friend’s every decision?

The real taste of friends can be evolved when you and your friend even with different opinions come under the same sort of solution after discussing all pros and cons of anything. Getting agree after some conversation good for relationships.

Do you feeling any change in behavior when you disagree on any topic with your friend? Does your friend treat you as a normal human being or he/she filters his/her friendship based on agreement and disagreement?

If all this happens to you then be alert with your friends. this is a sign of fake friendship.

Fake friends change their relationship with time, place, and people

life is full of fake friends

Having a Life full of fake friends will never let you know when your friend is going to ” ditch ” you when he changes his place of living or found someone more interesting and profitable for his personal interest.

Fake people and fake friends will never be with you always. They frequently cancel their plan just before time because of any silly reason. The problem is not he/she is going out with someone else but their behavior for you.

When they change their place and got some new friends, fake friends are used to overlooking their old friends because in their view you are not having any profitable stand for their point of interest.

If someone you know who doesn’t care about your feeling and ditches you as soon as he/she get any new friends. This is a sign that he/she is a fake friend of yours. They are using you just for their company and will leave as soon as they found someone more interesting.

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A fake friend will stop outing with you if say NO once.

Everyone wants to go things in their way always, But you can’t get exactly what you want. It is not possible every time. Sometimes you have to manage your thoughts at some sort of level when you meet new people or planning something with your old friends.

Managing your thoughts doesn’t mean you have to change your perspective towards life for someone else. this simply means your friendship should be generous and have the flexibility to understand the necessity of the situation for any smaller or bigger things and practices. For example:

If you and your friend want to watch some movie but unable to agree on any common movie then real friends will always have an alternate solution while fake friends will ignore you for any future plan.

Fake friend sees your need and wants as madness

Fake friends kame fun of you
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Does your friend ever try to make you understand hard as ” Not needed ” while you really need that?

Do they ignore your needs and prioritize their needs above yours?

Does in your friend’s point of view, everything you want is optional and unnecessary but things your friend wants is always justified?

If you feel from any above situation you should know that your life is full of fake friends and fake people. this is a sign of fake friendship. Fake friends don’t care about essentials and ignore if you ask for anything.

Ideally, they will never care and listen carefully about your needs and necessity because according to their perception anything you want is nothing but a nuisance. While for a real friend fulfilling the need and wants of both people is equally important and valuable.

For real friend giving and receiving has equal importance. for real friends, it is fun to fulfill each other’s requirements. Real friends manage and understand each other in any situation.

Fake friends will Never accept you as you are

One of the most obvious sign of fake friendship is that your friend treats you differently when you change something in your physical appearance. This simply means that your friend won’t want to accept the real person who is deep inside you.

Fake friends will want you to like as you fit in their world. If you don’t fit you will be replaced with someone else and your friendship will be finished. This doesn’t mean you have to change yourself.

A real friend always looks for the real you and accept as you are deep inside. A real friend will always stick to you even during your failures and bad times. It doesn’t matter to them if you are selected or not for a top university or you are passionate about not so practical career.

Real friends will continue to be your friend always even in your worst situation. they know this is just a phase and you have your own path of life. they will help you to revive but never force you to get something they want.

Fake friends will hold a grudge and never forget

fake friends don't forgive
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

this is a sign of fake friendship that you won’t find and feel for your true friendship. We are human and in some instances, we made mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. because of your mistake, it is much possible that your friend will hurt.

But a true friendship is that when your friend forgives you for your silly mistake and forgot all those bad past. while in the case of fake friendship this is quite opposite. a fake friend will hold the grudge, never talk, and never forgive you.

A fake friend has a double standard. If it is your mistake then he/she won’t forgive you ever but if it is his/her then they expect you to forgive and forgot all their mistake and continue your friendship as usual.

Fake people or fake friend will use you to extract information

You may have found some people in your life that befriend you just because of intellectual nature and the information you have.

It is actually a ridiculous thing to see people as an information center and use them only for their personal interests. And when they fulfill their agenda they ditch you at any point.

you must be aware of this sign of fake friendship to avoid fake people in your life.

Fake friends are liars

Fake friends are liar
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

fake friends will give you their real advice or information you need. They will always lie about your look, your working style, your nature even about your behavior.

Fake friends even don’t tell all real about themselves. they will give you information which will help them to get your sympathy and your help. they might load you with tons of stories that don’t make any sense but they expect and force you to believe them and consider all as real.

When you get any sign of fake friendship like this just don’t involve in that relationship. Have a few friends are better than a life full of fake friends.

Fake friends are  extremely manipulative

Have you ever felt for any of your friends that he/she has always an explanation for every situation?
Even when they are wrong they want to justify their mistake by saying that, ” It is not their mistake that is because of X, Y, Z person and some sort of situation “.

A fake friend manipulates every time in every situation to get their own advantage and you might think this is nothing to do with you. While at some phase you have to face a problem because of their manipulation habit.

Know if you are a fake friend

Fake friends
Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

It is much important to assess your friends and find who is real friends of you and who is just acting to be a friend of yours.
An assessment of yourself is also required for your self goodness. Because if you are among fake friends and fake people then it is worthless to expect anyone else to being true to yourself.

Sometimes we can’t find mistakes in ourselves and blame others even for our mistake. If you want to be a real person and want a true friendship for your life then you have to change yourself first.

For assessment of yourself, you need to follow these 05 simple steps:

  1. Give yourself a daily 10 minutes to think about the whole day you spend.
  2. Remind and check if you hurt anyone or screamed at anyone without much bigger reason.
  3. Think about what alternative solution you could have applied in that situation.
  4. Think and prepare how you will react when a similar situation happens again.
  5. Be ready to react positively to any unhealthy situation in your daily life.


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