Liquor and Lockdown: Economy of Alcohol

Coronavirus economic impact concept image
Liquor: The Economy Savior
This is the story of me. I am Liquor. The very same one which is with you, Around you every time. From the rich to poor, from happiness to sorrow, either its a birthday celebration or just a get together to remember someone “I AM EVERYWHERE”.
“Even the economy of a country depends on me”. Don’t you believe ….??
ohh …You will if you listen to my story.
Even my story is very very old…or you can say, my history is 10,000 years old. Earlier I was helping the king to celebrate their victory. Now I help to save the government their economy. Okay, let just stick on that “ECONOMY” part.
So, for your information, I contribute more than 01 lakh crore to the economy of India. My importance was shown on everyone’s face when the government allows all Liquor shops to be open during Lockdown too. Even the government didn’t give permission to some essential Shops to be opened from 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM, but all things were ok. After all, the public was waiting for me.
Induration of lockdown everyone had the same problem i.e. Money. but when I became open to them, all came to their nearest shop to take me. For me, there is always money. If they don’t, they will take a loan from their friend or they will sell anything to get me.
People who were posting on social media or saying they don’t have money even to eat, that person also come to stand in this heat to buy. Some of them even spend A LAKH, in just one day to buy me. Some people say India is a poor country, even I too believe that. But looking at sales figures for first day I have to bite the bullet for believing this hypothetical myth.
You won’t believe me, even during this virus days, there was so much crowd in my shops that police have to beat few people to mainline and social distancing.
Now everything is under control my selling is just like any other day and I am giving part to maintain India’s economy.
At last, I must say: ” DRINKING ALCOHOL IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH” so save that money which you are spending on me. There is a lot to go.



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