What do you think, What is the main reason behind many Arguments, fights, Divorces, and relation collapses?

It’s Not a Lack of Love, Money, or Compromise.
Communication disorientation, Reaction without Listen carefully or you can say communication gap.
This is not because we don’t talk but because we don’t care what others are saying. We only want to say our point and opinions but don’t want to hear what the person in front of us is trying to say.
Listening is great art, Where we travel in thoughts and knowledge of others. We are going through what others think on a particular topic, we know their visions and opinions.
Any plan, Relation, or Organisation that can run well when saying and listening carefully will occur bidirectionally. Unidirectional behavior can lead to the dissatisfaction of others.
We must always listen carefully to others before going to any result and comment.
Almost all of our problems can be resolved if we try to listen carefully to ourselves as well as others. Normally we say without thinking much and also without caring what reaction will we get from others.
We don’t care about the view and thought process of our friends, colleagues, and relatives. We just say to them and expect them to follow our sayings.
Listening carefully also provide ways for self-improvement and develop our skill for our further growth.

Listening: A great Art

no one wants to listen
As a working professional, I learned that the most common mistake we do is to finish other people’s sentences. We give our words in between other’s lines. This can lead to thinking others, about rude and arrogant behavior of ours.
Effective leaders are usually busy and they just cut sentences of others to put their opinions and to instruct them as they said. This behaves from them can drive us to think about their rough and dominating acts.
“We got two ears and one mouth”, Even nature indicates towards us to listen carefully more and more. Listening can grow our knowledge and enhance our skill-set which ultimately helps us for self-improvement. For some time Just forget about what you want to say, and make sure to hear what the other person says.
Let’s read a small story:
A young man with his friend was going to market thorugh a very busy road. Vehicles were honking and people were chattering. Their was a lot of sound of different type and of Different object.
They were travelling through veg market for vegetable to buy for them. Suddenly that man asked to his friend: “listen to these cricket”.
His friend looked to that man in astonishment and says: “How can you listen to that cricket in middel of this noise.”
Without saying any word that man reached to his pocket picked a coin and throw it on the road. As it clinked a dozen of people turned in response.
That man quitely said to his friend, ” Everyone listens everything, It just matter, if we want to response to it or not.”
This is the story of our life, We pick very selectively while everything is processing in front of our eyes. We either ignore others or don’t want to react positively. If we want we can hear everything crystal clear.
Listening is an art that requires patience, Self-discipline, and skills.  To sharpen this skill we need to practice and keep patience though. We can achieve whatever we want if we get into the practice of listening to others. If we listen carefully, Our colleagues, Friends, and family before imposing our thoughts on them. We can increase respect and fondness from them for us. This can be followed by increased productivity and strong relation.

Avoid Judging the Speaker

avoid judging
Listening effectively can reduce or even can terminate any misunderstanding and any mistake that can cost us a lot. We often are in a hurry and don’t get to understand what others were saying or trying to inform us. Whenever we got in a situation we must ask ourselves that,
  • what can we get by listening to another person?
  • What can be added to my experience or knowledge if I listen carefully?
  • Can listening to that enhance my skill set?
  • Can those words affect my style of work positively?
  • How can I relate those thoughts with our life and living style?
If we ask these insightful questions to us? Surely we can develop our listening skills. We won’t cut other’s sentences before completing it. As we will feel curious to know more and more from them. This helps us develop a healthy relation too.

How to Be a Good Listener

be a good listener
“Practice makes a Person perfect” This quote is applicable everywhere in every case. We always try to practice listening to others with patience and Self-discipline. Just think of the activities which can be improved just by listening and rephrasing that in our mind.
To practice, this art here are a few of my tips which can surely improve this skill:
  • Initially at least pretend to listen carefully, Demonstrate to others that you are listening. Make eye contact and nod your head in response.
  • Eliminate any distractions and focus on listening.
  • Show your affection towards the speaker and listen carefully.
  • Make some notes of important points and look for it after.
  • Ask a few questions to the speaker so you can engage yourself.
Always remember you don’t have to react with an intention to cut until your speaker will finish his sentence. You have to first listen carefully to your speaker carefully then ask him for your doubts. After clearing your all doubts just say “Thanks”. So, Your speaker can feel your appraisal of his words.

How Reacting after Listening can Improve our life?

Listen carefully
 Let’s consider the first condition,
you are trying to explain something very important to your friend but he is in a hurry for some other work and didn’t listen to your words.
How will you feel about that condition?
I am damn sure you are gonna say: “Very bad, Was I ignorable” or “he has too much attitude.
Okay now take other condition
Your friend was going somewhere. At that moment you came there and tried to explain something to him.
Without knowing how important is your talk, your friend decided to postpone his move for a few minutes. He listened to you carefully and gave some advice about your problem.
How are you feeling in this condition?
Are you feeling great?
did you feel valuable and comfortable now?
What was the difference between these two conditions here?
Just listening…
Listening to your loved one, friends and colleagues can make your relationship so much affectionate. It can lead to a strong and unbreakable bond. We can understand others more deeply and perfectly just by listening to him and asking about your doubt or giving your suggestions whenever required.
Good communication can change a relationship completely forever. Always try to make a habit of first listening than speaking to him. it can make you more clear about what you can tell him further. Always remember this life lesson and improve your art of listening.
“Silence is a source of Great Strength ,and Listening is Greater wisdom”
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