half knowledge

There is a famous saying: “LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS”.

What do you think about this?
The answer to this may vary from Person to Person and As per Situation. For example,
  • If you are writing for some exam, Your good half knowledge can give you some marks (Obviously, if step marking is there.)
  • If you are competing in a Group discussion, you can hold there for a few minutes but after some time you will knock out.
  • If somehow in a group of knowledgable peoples, half-knowledge can give some extent of shame.

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Yes, It can be true, Half knowledge won’t help you completely when you really need that, and not good for your self-improvement. But before taking any decision, Just read a few more quotes again:
  1. Something is always better than nothing.
  2. Starting with something is always good than to wait until collecting it all.
  3. Doing something is better than doing nothing
  4. Imagination is more important than Knowledge.
  5. Incomplete knowledge is the start of Complete Innovation
Everything starts with nothing. This world, Universe, you, me, and everything we can feel or observe. It is not necessary to know everything to start something new. Some knowledge about that is enough to make it. With only one condition that your conversance needs to be improved every time.

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Little knowledge with passion
Incomplete knowledge is just the initiation of something great. Everything exceptional present today was started either by mistake or started with some little knowledge. Having no knowledge at all is bad but having some knowledge and regularly improving it, is good and a step towards your betterment.
The start of something depends on how strong your idea is. And how possessively you are taking an effort towards your idea. It doesn’t matter that you are an expert on this or not. Your little efforts, your info collection, your activity, and the pace of gaining your objective while improving all that base of your knowledge matter a lot.

That was Abhimanyu’s passion for winning that battle for sake of Good which led him to break Maze with half knowledge and The Mahabharat has the learning which we know now. Yes, that was a bad end of the maze as the death of Brave Abhimanyu because he knew of entering to maze even before his birth but never learned to exit way.
We can also show our passion for our goal with whatever we have just we need to improvise this time to time, As per the need and as per situation or we will too, end like Abhimanyu in absence of Improving ourselves.


little Knowledge
Just think for some moment considering below mentioned situations here.
  • Won’t it be easy for a student to understand easily about a chapter if he already knew something about it?
  • Your half knowledge can help you to sustain in gossips in group
  • People with some knowledge will often willing to take the risk to achieve their goal, while knowledgeable keep on calculating their parameters.
  • Anyone starts a project or a Big industry just with little knowledge of it.
  • Any invention starts with no knowledge of the inventing process.
  • An explorer only with few hints explores a whole old city cover in soil.
Above all are just examples of some work and incidents which started with very little knowledge or you can say Half Knowledge but if it won’t be started on time and all will wait for gaining all about that. Will that possible to get whatever result with the process is alive now.


no one know everything
No person is available in this world who can say with all his confidence that he knows everything about some topic or place. No person in this world has taken birth who can explain all phenomenons and happening occurring in this world.
So, if you have any little knowledge about something. Just don’t worry about that you are good to go. But only one thing you have to keep in your mind just don’t limit your brain with what you have. Always feed your brain with knowledge and increase your limits.
This is the world of “collective knowledge”. We have to be like “Honeybee”. Like honeybees collect pollen from every flower and make honey, Increase their storage capacity. We have to be like them. We must have to collect knowledge from every person, their experiences, books, and other sources like the internet whatever available to us.

Little knowledge, with Positive Involvement, Leads to Triumph.

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