Lockdown : During and After life

downloadIt became a world where everyone is confined to their place. Everyone stays at the same place for the past several days or weeks. Tourists, Families, workers, students all feel like cut off from the outer world. it’s been weeks that one had gone for a walk or went to a park with their kids to play and enjoy. This creates a situation where everyone is standing still in their place hoping for an appropriate condition where all can breathe without any fear and worry.

During the past several weeks we learn many thinks and tried to improvise ourselves accordingly. it became a cycle of idleness, procrastination, drowsiness, and expectation. The start of this confinement felt so hopeful and thoughtful about its control. During spending several weeks in this condition, most of us had a very same routine. i.e. to sleep, eat, watch some videos or read a book and sleep.
This practice of ours makes us so unused these days that even our internal conflict tells us that, you are lazy and non-functional to this society, that you can’t even be used to change or create any difference.
By the way, for some people, it opens a window to improve them and develop few skills for which it was not possible to try during those fussy days. Those skill sets will be useful to revamp their lifestyle, working style, and position among individuals.
We got some quality time with our family and friends to nourish our relationship with them and to know them better.
Many working couples also find time for their partner and tried to know them from a different perspective to explore and improve their bonding. Kids got a fun time without any homework and break from their hefty backpack. Working personals got a chance to work from home as well as spend time with their loved ones. Politicians got a new statement to blame each other behind the reason for the current situation.
Even mother earth also had a chance to refine its environment and atmosphere. Many of us felt our sky so clear and visible during this lockdown days that we never felt in our whole life.
Now we are desiring for getting all done well and obviously, it will be. but our life will not be the same ever again. We have to live with the very same alertness and care so that, this virus won’t affect in the coming future.
Now we won’t found ourselves shaking hands with our friends and colleagues. Seating arrangements in offices will change to maintain a distance. Mask will be on every time on our faces. we will hesitate to chat with everyone in person.
We won’t go in-crowd and always have a feared mind of getting infected. Birthdays parties won’t be the same neither marriage ceremonies. we were always afraid of infection. If you sneeze at a public place everyone will look at you like you are a criminal.
Although we have undergone many more difficulties and worst conditions. Our medical infrastructure fails to accommodate and sustain during this pandemic. The government needs to think about improving this to its best.
We have to rethink about developing fabric of basic necessity as it fails to help everyone and many suffered because of that. We need to unite and develop ourselves towards the growth of India. So, We can become “ATMANIRBHAR”
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