Lockdown season

Covid-19 concept, Metal door and lock. Lockdown, Quarantine.

This was the day of meetings, work, business, and no family time but suddenly all ends when the Wuhan virus spread all over the world and obviously in India also. Initially, all thought it is not a big deal and we will take over it like snapping our finger. It’s nothing much more but just like cold n flu.

Even many social media awarded a person post so many remedies and snaps of publication of many books with all its solutions. In India it was even told that this virus will not be harmful to us because of two reasons:
1. We are Indian and we have more immunity power concerning other European countries.
2. This illness is for cold countries, in countries like India where we feel so much heat. This virus won’t survive here.
But this just became a delusion, when the government announced its first countrywide Lockdown on  24th March’20.
PM Modi just didn’t announce a complete lockdown but also tried to aware of all of us about its seriousness.
But as you know very well we are Indians and how can we take our leader’s suggestions so seriously until someone from our village, colony, or city won’t get affected. How can we go to give up so easily with this small virus?
Naaaaaah….we are so strong and capable to destroy this virus with our weapon called the Immunity bomb.
To these illogical believes the Government takes some action and initiated strictness toward all those Bahubalis who were not able to accept it’s seriousness. Some Tattoo program was also arranged by our savior police department. A few corona terrorists got sticks on their bump and back. So that, they can understand the importance of effective lockdown and can follow all rules set by Our government to save us.
All work goes shutdown. No shops were opened except Grocery items that too for a limited time.
All were at home with their parent, wife, and kids.
All thought its just 21 days. We will enjoy this time at home with our family as anyway, we are going to get our Salaries as per government instructions to all employers.
All were happy that they will get money without going to work. It was like a dream to all us where we can spend our stress-free day without any fuss from our boss or management.
We all were happy until those restrictions got increased and Lockdown 2.0 announced.
LockDown 2.0
Ohhhhh…My God
We were effected and this spread of the virus didn’t stop. Does our immunity doesn’t work or what. we so-called resistant to that Wuhan virus as this was all those stories we learned from our social media usage.
Social media, is just a good thing to spread a not so-called true news with the speed of light and the good things here are, everyone believes.
This was the time when everyone should be active towards gaining correct knowledge of the COVID-19 virus and defend ourselves from this. Only the right grasp can help us and so, our awareness.
We were told to follow the WHO rules. But again this is India, my friend. how can we digest something until we set our own rules to it?
The government said don’t get panic……but we started to spread all myth n incomplete knowledge.
The government said all Essential items will be available……And we started panic buying.
The government said don’t create gathering……..we started functions, marriage ceremony, and Religion related get-togetherness.
The government said to stay at home and be safe……Instead we challenged ourselves to get on the road.
We are the People who never accept change so easily. We resist change and will learn the importance of that only when someone our own, face the problem because of not following rules. why can’t we easily believe in a system which is selected by us only? we should be there on the same page when our government creates some rules which ultimately benefits us. We learn that by spending our 21 days lockdown time.
Somehow we were lucky that the CORONA virus didn’t spread in the same way as it creates a pandemic in China, Italy, the USA, and France. The rate of spread was low in our country but still, now we were scared as we all got to know that we cant be an exception if we won’t follow Rules, sanitize ourselves, and maintain social distancing.
We are on the verge where either fight with a corona with the right awareness, Without fear, or get ourselves involve inactivity which is not socially appreciative. The mass amount of social activists and social workers get together to fight this virus. they get together to help each other in terms of supplying food, meds, and all other essentials.
The government also helping its citizen with money, food items, and its strategy for the wellness of all. Our Nationalists and Owners of  Bancorp’s donated a vast amount to the government for helping all of us. Hoping all these packages from Leadership and Donations from Industrialists will help us to grow again.


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