Love Failure: Direct this emotion to create yourself.

give yourself a second chance
love failure

Love, this feeling can’t be explained. Any word or Paragraph won’t be able to completely define its reason, purpose, or nature. This is all started from our eyes and ends with our carefree nature, thoughts, and some judgemental social reasons.

In our life, we always come to a person towards whom our affection is the most. We feel different, Talk differently, and Listen differently with our same senses as before.

Step into love is somehow is not much difficult decision of our life. The difficult part is to sustain that emotion for life long for some special person. And most challenging is, Getting out of this emotion is the toughest feeling of our life.
Love failure is the emotion that can break us completely. We feel like nothing, It is like everything has been taken from us. After this, our all feeling even normal body language disappears. We hate this world, don’t like to talk with anyone. Crying and thinking just about it become like a part of our life.
Our mind continuously memorizes our love and even a small memory of it can bring tears to the eye. The feeling of breakup can’t be explained. In a few words, it is like a sudden loss of light in the bright world. We can’t see anything. unable to feel anything and like no one cares about you.

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Love failure: Need to be resolve

love failure : give yourself a second chance

After the breakup, you must have felt like, nothing is there remains for you and you lost everything. But this feeling of losing everything needs to be restored once again for sake of life. you need to move on and live your life as it was earlier.

You can’t always moan for what happens to yourself. Need to move on on a normal path of life with a comparatively stronger mindset where no one can hurt you again. we need to work on ourselves because everything in this world is temporary And you need to prepare yourself even for the worst condition.

In this condition, you required to step ahead of that life which is going to bring you sadness and sorrow. If you won’t get yourself and leave your feeling of heartbreak. It will swallow you. Your mind, your body won’t able to revive again.

You have to engage yourself in some other activity to distract your thoughts. So, it can think further part from the breakup. you are your creator, just need to rethink your life again to get on track.

Love failure: Positively need to Directed.

Direct positivity

Love failure, this emotion has very much strength to do the unbelievable. This can completely break you in the pieces from where you won’t be able to pick and join them again to make your life realistically good. this has the power of doing anything, It can completely break you until you direct this emotion in a way to create yourself.

Emotions raised after love failure or break-up need to be directed for your own good. It can really make you if you look after yourself. It has the power to make you even far better than your earlier version.

Emotions developed after love failure raise our internal energy. Some of us direct this towards mourning, which kills us in all ways. Some of us direct this energy in a very constructive manner.

You should always become the second one, who think about starting a new life. You need to engage yourself to develop. For example: 

  • If you are a student, engage yourself with studies, tests, and exam preparation. Solve every question that comes to you. Take more assignments, start group study.
  • If you are a working individual, engage yourself in every work. Take all the work that proposed to you to do. If you don’t have much work to keep you engaged, ask for it.
  • Develop your skills and utilize your every minute to distract your mind from whatever happened to you in the past.
  • If you are unemployed yet, keep yourself busy finding yourself a job. Go to every company, offer your resume at every door. Mail for any vacancy on all known email addresses you have.

My motto of explaining all above is to make you understand that heartbreak gives you a set up of mind which can be used in a very much constructive manner to enhance our skills, develop ourselves. This will direct our future to a new horizon and make our success.

Love failure: Convert adversity to opportunity

new opportunity

Yes, whatever you read above is not so easy to perform in that emotional condition. But if you try a little with thought of your future, got a will to change your life, and slightly distract your mind. You can change your Love failure story to a success story of your life. You can remember those harsh days by not that mourning moments but, by your success moments. Even with the worst emotional state, It will be a golden phase of your life.

Just you need to distract your mind. Our mind is the most silly part of our body. It can be misled very easily. But at this time you will be the one who is misleading your mind by distracting it from your work instead of your loss of love.

Start your every day as the initiation of starting a new life every time. make yourself an entirely new person. Work hard for your own, develop your skills. make yourself busy towards getting progress in your life. You are the creator of yourself don’t regret whatever happened in the past. 

Hitler, J. K. Rowling, Nicole Kidman are the perfect example. They lost their love, they felt heartbreak. Even after their so much depressing emotional stage, they didn’t give up. They find a new way to develop themselves. They tried hard to give direction to their life. And now everyone knows their success stories.

Love Failure: Take only good memories from it.

Your past memories can’t create your future, It’s present which is going to decide how your future is about too. So, let go of all your worries and heartaches just remember those good memories for your the reason for your smile not for scowl. you were happy before that person came into your life and you will be happy ever after.

Just make up your thoughts for your goodness. Before you were sensitive now improve yourself sense of maturity. you have learned a lot in your life and the balance lesson you got from your breakup. It can be possible you were not an evolved guy this lesson of life makes you learn to mockup even with your worst case of life.

Prepare yourself, Set your goal, and propel your career towards the unachievable. Your life is going to be far better than before It is just you, balance in the recipe of preparing your life’s platter full of smile, fun, enjoyment, and real & unconditional love from your parent. Live your life with the essence of goodness that happened to you. It will make your coming future smell of roses.

Love failure: Evolve as a New Person
Evolving yourself after a heartbreak and creating a new person out of yourself with an emotionally stronger and more mature personality is the most important objective afterward.
This needs a conscious awakening of yourself from those memories which hurting you regularly. As you dive deeper into your old memories it will become harsher and harsher to accept the reality.
You need to identify yourself as a person who can make yourself a sustainable one even in the most unfavorable conditions. Expand your social circle, meet new people, and go with the flow of life. Don’t just listen to your heart but also think twice if anything bad is circulating in your mind.
Commit a certain path in life, make goals, work hard, lose all those emotions which make you weak. Create new habits, change your lifestyle and daily routine this will really help you to find a new person in yourself.
As a newly evolved person move from a dreamer to a doer. Every single minute, every day think for yourself about building the future you want for yourself now.
“Keep yourself busy if you want to overcome from your worst emotional state. Inactivity is enemy of depressed mind.”

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