Love, Lifestyle, Loan, Lessons, and Loyalty: 05 Life-changing L’s of our life lessons

Enjoy the little things

We live in this world with many people. In our day to day schedule, we meet many. While with some of them every day, and in some cases every week, and with only a few once in a lifetime. In our every meet with anyone, we get some life lessons either good or bad.

Generally, we don’t take much seriously to those with whom we meet on our daily routine i.e. every day. We even don’t listen to their words much carefully because of our current believing lifestyle.

These people are a way to make us learn something. Love, hate, rudeness, Ego, Smile, Anger all of our emotions are the result of meeting someone. These people leave some of their impression on us, Few of them we remember forever.
People around us carry the capability to influence us and can change our lifestyle by changing us.
Our life runs through different stages of life. Where we learn very many different lessons in life. From our early days to old age. We feel different emotions,
  • From getting pampered from parents to Getting the Love of Life.
  • From financial dependency to Earning your money.
  • From having bank balance to fill needs by loans.
  • From believing someone to get heart broke.
  • From Stating fit to staying sick.
  • From a lazy lifestyle to an Active one.
Let’s take about our Life’s highlight one by one which makes the most effect on our Life.


love : Enjoy your life
You must have gone through this stage, If not from both sides then also you must have a crush on someone. Someone you like to talk to, to be with, feel comfortable with, and open your heart without thinking.
Your personality changes, your style, your look, and behavior all change without much effort. Happiness is always around you, Even your smile during your sleep. This is a stage where you find everything so easy and interesting. it makes our life stress-free and without worries.
And, these all above written happy moments convert into mourning moment if for some reason you get into a Love failure situation. All things just got the opposite and even harsher comparatively. this also teaches the facts of life and makes us strong.
This momentum of love makes many changes to our life. Either good or bad it leaves memories that can’t be deleted from our minds. These changes have a life long effect on us and have the ability to impact our lives forever.
Let’s summaries the effects of this phase of life and make points that how it affect and change us forever:
  • Love teaches us to live happily and stress-free.
  • This enhances our personality in terms of talking to some other person or Presenting something.
  • Love changes our view of this world.
  • This makes us realize our true value.
  • It makes us stronger emotionally.
  • This affects your health in both situations in a Good or Bad way.
  • You become more mature, caring, and Responsible.

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Our life and health are a reaction to the lifestyle we follow every day. It is from inside to out When you have bad vibes inside you how can you expect good things in your life. If our lifestyle and thoughts are good it attracts good and healthy life for us.

Our current lifestyle decides how our future will be. for example, let’s understand some incident by a story:

You must have known about Mike Tyson. A professional Boxer, Heavyweight champion, an undisputed athlete. you can imagine his success and achievement that, He is the first heavyweight boxer who simultaneously holds WBA, WBC, and IBF title as well as the only boxer to successively unify them.
He was undisputed from 1987 to 1990.
Tyson won his first 19 fights by knockout and 12 of them were in the first round. He got all an athlete dream to. Name, fame, Money all was there for him. He got a big fan following. His estimated net worth was around $400 million.
His reckless spending and carefree expenses result in his high net worth to zero net worth. He bought houses he never lived, bought cars he never drove. Poor advice, Overspending, Drugs, cars, women, Lawsuits, Planes, and much more. All of it results to deluge his all money.
According to him, He never learned to manage his money. he never knows to save it, he didn’t even learn about this.
Without knowing the fact about managing no one can achieve and hold success forever. then it doesn’t matter if you are earning $100 per day or $100,000 per day.
From the above story finding or you can say learning is as below:
  • Never trust anyone with all your heart.
  • Make your lifestyle according to your daily needs.
  • Don’t ever overspend, Keep control of your expenses.
  • Learn to manage money.
  • Always get to know how people really think about yourself.
Apart from the above, Our lifestyle leaves its print on our health. and if our health is not up to the mark. It won’t matter how much wealth you have. Keep tracking your health and change your lifestyle if it needs to be. Our lifestyle shows how we are. One can get a first impression about us, only from our lifestyle. Keep it Neat, Clean, and healthy.


life changing life lessons
Yes, Lifestyle makes all the reasons for your health, comfort, fun, and debt too. If you won’t take care of your lifestyle, you won’t be able to manage your money. You have to feel the difference between want and need. Needs are limited can be completed if spend wisely. but want never satisfies yourself, it forces you to spend more and more money.
Either you spend from a credit card with EMI or take a loan. It doesn’t make any difference. Taking money from anywhere, e.g. from your friend, Some organization or from some bank. Initially looks good. Getting that money makes you feel warm and wealthy. We thought this will resolve all of our current problems.
But the actual problem will start by taking a loan afterward. you have to pay your monthly installments on time with your same limited income. For paying these all installments you have to even compromise with some of your basic needs. This reminder of each monthly payment will give stress to save money for it anyhow.
This all will change your life forever. you have to compromise even with your small happy moments. Let’s take an example of understanding how bad can your situation after a loan.

Aniket is an employee in a private sector company. He used to spend his two credit cards and pay his bills every month after getting his salary. But he never saved any money for his bad days as an emergency fund. During this COVID-19 crisis, he lost his job. last month he maxed out his credit card and had no money for his daily need items.
One of his credit was already maxed utilized and can’t pay a bill of it because of his job loss. But the requirement never stops. he had to swipe his second credit card to fulfill even his basic needs.
Without his job, he was not able to pay his credit card bills and those companies were forcing him for their payment. He had to take a loan for paying his bills and for some of his needs. Yes…in the current scenario his problem is fixed somehow.
But again problem raises its face as Loan installments. he was not able to pay those even as didn’t find any job yet. At this point, Aniket is stressed out, feeling of hopelessness, fear, and depression set in his heart.

How can he keep himself out of any future situation like this? He needs to find ways to save money as his emergency funds. And never touch that amount for paying any of his bills. Only proper planned monthly savings can save him.

From all of the learnings, few points were sure we got as follows:

  • Make yourself able to feel the difference between Need and Want.
  • Save some fixed monthly amount as your emergency fund.
  • Never use your credit card when you are not sure about paying it back.
  • Don’t ever take a loan to pay for some other loan.
  • Stress, Depression, fear, and hopelessness comes with Debt.
  • Your lifestyle won’t be the same as before.
And most Important, You won’t be able to reject unwanted pressure from your job as you always have some worry to lose the job and that regular monthly income.


Life lessons
In our life, learning is a constant process. No-one can tell you for sure that he/she knows everything about any special topic or subject. We need to keep learning. Like food and water, our mind also needs food like knowledge, experiences, and thoughts from time to time to keep it running. Otherwise, it won’t be able to take the right decision when required.
Every time we think, Plan for it, take action on it, and think again about our own that old decision. Our mind continuously thinks, we always find ways to do any work better and easier. None of our decision can be so perfect that I won’t need any improvement. there is always some space for improvement even on the designed and presented object you can think of.
This is the process of life we observe, we feel, we think, take decisions, make some correction and do it again. By this method or if you think better than this is the option to make our life better. We can change or at least make some effect on our thoughts and Karma. this all can be done only if we learn.
Our life is a great teacher. This always makes us learn about our leaving environment, Lifestyles, and most importantly PEOPLE. we can assure any person for our whole life. sometime, someday and some very irresistible moment they can turn on you. Your faith in them will be damaged then and you will learn a new lesson again.
While this life is amazing, at the very same time it is cruel too. It doesn’t forget and forgives. It has its own well set rules. either you have to find a way to learn these rules or you won’t be able to survive with your life. If you want to enjoy your life, Get comfort, be happy, Live your dream then there is the only way to get it, Always Learn. Getting lessons are real learnings of life which can’t be taken from any school or University.
Please share any of your stories regarding your life lesson in the comment box.


Loyalty, A very principle of life. It is very precious that it can’t be bought with money. Your behavior, words, thoughts, helping nature, and your doings will decide how your relationship is gonna be. Our relation with someone, mutual understanding, and how we treat each other will decide the level of our loyalty towards that other person. Our loyalty can be tested multiple times to become a faithful person to someone.
Loyalty is a two-edged sword. Anyone who has ever hurt in his/Her life will never believe anyone so easily. But if you helped someone in most of their need, their loyalty for you increases. Whoever has found himself in need of his good friend can’t deny the fact that: Loyalty is the most precious gift of life.
As valuable it is, rarest it becomes. Perhaps it can be the reason for this rare quality that it is much easily misused nowadays. Many times you may have felt that you have given your loyalty to someone, trusted him with your blind eyes and you got betrayal.
Your faith has been broken. you won’t be able to trust anybody the whole of your life again.
But without Loyalty, there is no friendship or family that can exist. Our life will become hollow from the inside and living will have no meaning.
But we must have to know who we have to believe and whom we can’t. This is life and this needs to go on with the flow of its needs, Persons, hope, and on its own rules.


There you have it all, I want to share it with you. You may have found it right and you may have wanted to add some more to it.
Remember, It’s you who chose this life to live on your term and conditions. Prepare yourself to make your life better on your principles. People with you can only support and encourage you to achieve your goal. The ultimate work and decision will be only yours.
No other person, not even god will be responsible for your future. Don’t ask from God, Ask yourself. Your well-being is in your hand.


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