New Year Resolutions: 03 effective steps take it and Keep It.

New year Resolution

At the start of every New year, We plan to do something new and make some new year resolutions. We follow that some days and a few weeks but at last all comes to square one. All resolutions go into the trash. Then also I want to force you to take some resolution this year again. At least you will live your new life for some days.

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Make and Keep your New Year’s Resolution

I believe that there are three main reasons why people don’t keep their resolutions.

1) People make resolutions that are impossible to keep. So they set themselves up for failure upfront.

2) People do not create a plan of action to incorporate their resolutions into their lives.

3) People don’t take their resolutions seriously.

First, the key is to only make resolutions that you know you will keep. Act as if you don’t keep the resolution then you will be forced to go on Oprah and get yelled. I suggest that you make small, simple changes that you can incorporate into your life.

Nothing major, nothing big. Just start with small success and soon your small successes will turn into big results. For instance, when I lost 10 Kg of weight last year. my goal was not to lose such. It was simply to get in better shape and lose weight. If you already made an “impossible to keep” resolution then why not make a new one right now.

Turn your New year Resolution into Ritual

New year resolution

Once you create a New year resolution then you must turn your resolution into a ritual and make it part of your daily routine. For example, when I created my resolution, I didn’t start running 5 miles the first day.

I created a plan to ease into exercise. I decided I would be at the gym every morning at 7 am and I made a commitment to do one thing every day. I walked on the treadmill for thirty minutes. Then I did the same the next day.

The day after that I rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes. I did one simple form of exercise each day long enough to feel it but not so long I dreaded it. Eventually, my morning exercise became a habit.

It has to become a habit or else when things get crazy your resolution will be the first thing eliminated from your to-do list.

Lastly, you have to take your new year’s resolution seriously. It has to be as serious as a contract. Having attended law school for a year, I understand enough about contracts to be dangerous.

However, one thing I did learn was that if someone signs a contract and does not follow through then there will be consequences. It’s serious stuff. You must treat a contract with yourself in the same way. Make a New year resolution contract and stick to it.

Action Plan for New year Resolution

New year action plan

Here’s an action plan to help you to turn your resolution into your life.

1. Make a New year resolution if you haven’t already done so.

2. Decide how to incorporate your New year resolution into your life. Where does it fit? When can you absolutely commit? Then write out a one-sentence contract with yourself on a piece of paper.

I (your name) will (the action you will take) (during the hours of or when) (on the following days) For example, “I Baibhav Raj will work on writing articles every day for my site during the hours of 8pm to 10pm. Or,

“I Devyansh will eat fruit as part of my breakfast each morning Monday thru Saturday.”

3. Then add this schedule into your daily planner. If you don’t have one, buy one. Make an appointment with yourself and make it as important as a meeting with your boss or doctor.

4. Look at your calendar each night and commit to making your appointment and keeping your resolution

5. Also, cut out your one-sentence resolution contract and tape it to your bathroom mirror to remind you of your commitment.

Best wishes and Happy New Year.



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