Battel against Covid-19: Not to Fear But to Fight because fear makes us fragile

future effects of corona virus
Fight, not fear
It’s been about 07 months and Still no vaccine is developed. Everyday worldwide cases of Spread of 2.5+ Lakh and 6000+ deaths. This pandemic showed one of the worst in human history.
People are in fear, Feeling depressed, confined in their home for about 04 months but we have to Battel against Covid-19.
People all over the world feeling their worst fear nowadays. there is an absence of enthusiasm in the environment and the presence of fear spreading its limits every day.
A different scenario of feeling has been developed in everyone’s mind now. Ther fearing of it instead of starting a Battel against Covid-19.
  • They don’t want to go out from home, But they have to for earnings with an alarming situation.
  • Frequent Handshakes become Mistaken Handshakes.
  • Touching someone gives a feel like touching something nasty.
  • Everyone has Alcohol bottles in their hands now.
  • We don’t recognize even our well know persons, obviously because of the mask only.
  • Hugging Extinct.
  • Food Sharing is not a Symbol of Care.
  • Air is filled with Hesitation while meeting with new people.
  • Lifestyle changed.
  • People are more aware of their health.

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2020: A Year of Fear
This looks like this Year 2020 brings a disaster with a chance to humanity. For makings us more strong, feeling the value of life, upgrading our living style, and most importantly thinking about nature.
This blog is not to give you a lecture about:
  1.  keeping you healthy
  2.  Care for Diet
  3.  Dring hot water on a regular basis
  4.  Wearing a mask or
  5.  Using Sanitizer.
I am here to just give a simple tale that even with much capacity one can lose his battle only because of FEAR.
The Speed of Wildbeast is around 90Km/h while Speed of Lion is around 80Km/h. Despite of that Lion Often hunts wildbeast.
But Why…?
Wildbeast was running for Life and Lion was running for food. Is purpose of Life becomes greater than purpose of hunger?
No, it is not the reason. But the real reason is FEAR.
Wildbeast believes that he is weaker than Lion. His fear makes him to look back again and again during his run. Because of this fear Speed of Wildbeast decreases, and Lion got his success to hunt wildbeast.

Fight, Not Fear: Battel against Covid-19

fear make you fragile
The same is happening in this Corona Era, Don’t consider yourself a person with a weak immune instead always become careful about this virus, take precautions and start Battel against Covid-19, don’t get feared because fear makes us fragile.
The Power of Corona is much less than your retaliation power. But in the human mind, it keeps rotating that ” I will be going to affect by CORONA”. And at that very moment, we lose our race of life.
Just take care of yourself, boost your immunity power, and take all necessary precautions you are able to take. Don’t get feared by this Virus, It can’t do anything until we let our willpower to get decrease. Our mind is very much powerful, Only positive thinking and purpose to live is enough to make our cure.
Yes, medicines are required in severe cases but that will only work when we will have the willpower to win from that illness because this Battel against Covid-19 needs our belief in ourselves.
Living under constant threat or fear can develop a reason for health issues and anxiety. Fear weakens the immune system and can cause the generation of various sicknesses. Don’t let you feel that you are sick or feeling weak.
Even in your sick days, Just keep telling yourself that, today is the last day of your sickness. Tomorrow you will become as you are a few days back, Healthy, happy, and healed.

Moral of the Story

Battel against Covid-19
Fear is the worst emotion in the human mind. It makes you feel the presence of irrelevant things, which can’t be available there at that moment at least. Fear makes you weak, emotionally, physically, and in terms of health too. So, become careful, not fearful. And you will win this race from Corona.

Nothing in Life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

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