“Once you’ve made your decision, don’t look back” But, What force me to lookback ?


We frequently listen to this statement “Once you have made your decision, don’t look back. But is this really a true statement for my practical life. I don’t think so. because anybody’s life can’t be so simple that once taken decision will always run on its track without any distraction.

Our mind has a very very different perspective and each different moment. Whatever is true at this moment, can be drastically failure on others. Our mind works like this way.

Perspective of  Life

Life seems to be very complex from one point but somehow when you shift the frame of reference, it changes the whole perspective. It feels like earlier it was too tough and now it is too simple. It happens to me several times when I think too much on a point. Sometimes it results in zero outcomes and sometimes it feels OK-OK type of conclusion.

At that point, 02 questions always conquer my mind:
    1. Why am I not being able to reach a concrete conclusion, something on which I believe in like anything?
    2. From where this OK-OK type conclusion came? I prefer to stand with zero conclusions rather than this feeling of OK-OK type.

Autonomous Mind: How the mind works when you think?

your decision

These all solutions come artificially and automatically when I encountered with a problematic situation. My solution was already coded in the subconscious mind. But was it natural, that I consider that coded solution? It’s because of my subconscious mind, or It may not be my thoughts, emotions, or solution.

Or I can say the original perspective of the solution is not at all belongs to me. Because It is unprocessed or directionless. it’s like undefined information that may be stored in the subconscious by the environment I live in.

“Environment – people around us, contents we read or watch, the information we gather”. It is a duplicate one – an unrefined one. Please understand that the experience shared by others is totally different from ours. Their stands are different. They experienced a different scenario with a fully distinct mindset.

Each mind & body has very complex & very-very unique mechanisms each time when trying to figure out. So, How can I expect that every time output will be the same from the so complex machine on processing the same data with “n” number of variables?

Just don’t consider output from others directly as they shared their outcomes & experiences based on their functionality. It would be disastrous if I try to apply it the same way they got applied to my subconscious mind. Functionality keeps on evolving. Exceptionally different in different time frames.

Should I stop learning from the environment?

Never stop learning

The answer is, “Obviously Not
Differences need to be understood. Between learning & gathering. On top of the two, I need to focus on “Observing & Processing”. It leads to Learning.

The current situation is like 99% of the hour, we are gathering information or better to take it as DATA. Don’t even realize that data are piling up. It was found in a survey that the average screen time of a person is 3 to 4 hrs. a day – around 50 days a year. There is still the “n” number of sources in the environment. What about the processing part?

Consciously it remains unprocessed but subconsciously it processes in the deepest part of our mind. But the disastrous part is – The subconscious mostly in sleep, the processing is done by our subconscious mind and it is directionless.

Most of the time whatever I see in dreams feels shitty when I wake up. Don’t even know whatever we find by ourselves is just an unprocessed or subprocessed thought. It would be a boon if we use the power of the subconscious mind on behalf of ourselves consciously.

The process from your subconscious mind to your decision

Subconcious mind

While thinking of to be resolved in any situation, our subconscious mind shows the path as per the information stored in it. What happened to me is when I cope up with such a confusing situation. Solutions come as it was already there waiting for the happening.

The whole story is regarding, action needs to be taken in the future will be ready within seconds with whatever our mind is processing now. Maybe all will not work and also Somewhere this feels like it does not belong to me.

Whenever I have gone with such solutions I have never felt confident in my ideas. And whenever doubt comes into action, all planning falls like anything. Why does this happen?? The effect is worse, I had felt it many times. Not even knowing the cause, I suffered.

I don’t know how but suddenly the reason came to mind and, I can guarantee it that, it’s mine. Because I am confident, it’s not from the environment. It came for a very small span of time that is why I wanted to note it down.

I feel such thoughts a few more times previously but never take a pause to think. How will I distinguish, which one is my own and which is the gathered information from the environment? I am trying to fit it on my screen. “Taking information as knowledge is the biggest problem.”  I don’t need to distinguish forcefully. The thing that is needed is to take a pause each time. But for what?

To process the data, to think consciously about the information. Knowledge needs to be filtered out from information and think like an analyst. Analyst – A neutral unbiased approach. Analysts observe the facts, then form believe. I am human, I’ve WISDOM that machines do not have. Wisdom will guide me to differentiate and helps in to choose the one which I believe in.

“I can’t be stand still with my same decision as everyday new learning makes me think everytime”
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