Beware from the Rise of tickborne Virus (SFTS virus) from China, 60 infected 07 dead.

China Originated Coronavirus is still spreading its fear and many people deceased because of this. The world is yet trying to recover from this virus infection and Another spread is in news because of the New virus in China.

This virus is named SFTS (Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome) and also known as bunyavirus. This spread because of an insect that looks like a spider. This virus was first reported in Anhui Province in the year of 2006.

This virus is reported in 26 provinces of central and eastern China. because of SFTS, the Patient got affected with hemorrhagic fever which causes bleeding.

About SFTS virus

Although this virus is not new, this is critical. It’s a tick-borne virus that was confirmed in China in 2009. And also reported in South Korea and western Japan in 2012 and 2013 respectively. This virus has a high fatality rate of about 30%.
Virologists believe that infection of this virus is spread to humans from An Asian Tick. The possibility of transmission from human to human is not confirmed yet, research for a possible reason for its spread is in progress.

SFTS virus Symptoms

1. Fever: Patients initially feel mild fever with coughing, Which can increase with the incubation period.
2. Platelets count: This causes to decrease in the patient’s platelet count.
3. WBC Count: A decrease in the count of white blood cells is also a result of this virus.
4. Gastrointestinal symptoms: This virus can cause constipation to patients and also infection leads to internal bleeding of blood vessels that line the anal opening.

Prevention and Vaccine of SFTS virus

Like Coronavirus this virus also has no vaccine. After its first report, continuous research is in progress but yet we are unable to find any result. Self-care and awareness of its cause and prevention can save us from this virus.
As this virus spreads from Tick, avoid going into Jungles and bushes. Avoid any contact from an infected person as it can be transmissible from human to human.
These precautions are strictly needed to be followed during summer as insects breed actively during this season.


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