Society is only a mental concept, In real world there are only Individuals.


What is society and How we think it is important for us?

Society… Yes, we define it is as a place where we humans live and share our livelihood with some untold rules which we have to follow without challenging it because we were told from our childhood that ” Char Log kya Kahenge (What people will tell)”.
By the way, we don’t know who is that four-person who has so many worries about us and always lookout in our life and we assume that our neighbors are good people who will help us in the time of need.
I am not saying that every individual in your neighborhood is not a good person. But obviously, most of them are not so trustable and we can’t have believed in them. When we need them they won’t be available to you in reality or they will make excuses.
By the way, someone said well you have to depend on anything only on only one person, and It’s you.

Why do I believe Society is Just a mental concept?

I am writing this as I don’t think this concept of “Society” really works in practical life for individuals like you and me. okay, just consider if you are a bachelor and you need a flat to live in a new city. What do you think? Are you going to get it so easily without any reference or feeding some extra money to that broker?
I don’t think it will be so easy to get a flat in so call “Good Society”. First of all, this society won’t let you in and live with them. if somehow you entered their world they will always find an excuse to complain about you and get you out from their place.

Why do We care about Society?

I don’t know why everyone thinks about society when you have to do all the things on your own. whenever you are going to do something which is out of the path, they will object to you.
When you love someone really with all your heart, instead of supporting you this society will start gossips. It’s like getting a new feed to discuss on, they will judge you without having much understanding.
If you try for a start-up by leaving a well-reputed job, your society will become your advisory committee. They will tell how many blunders you have created to leave your job. they won’t see or try to digest the fact that you want to live on your own and want to follow your dream with some new concept.
you just make a simple mistake and they will leave nothing to make your life hell. they will create an environment for you that, even in clean air you will feel suffocation and sensation like you have destroyed this planet.
Society has a judgemental mindset that won’t care about the fact check and conditions from which you are suffering from.
You may have heard that story of a blind boy traveling by train, who just got new eyes and asking his father why trees are running. and how people in opposite seats judge that boy without knowing the fact.

This is my view, what’s yours?

That’s why as per my belief we should not care about a society so much that you won’t be able to ride your vehicle of life on your own rules and truth. Just believe in yourself and do what you think is right.
Make your own decisions and chose your own path. Don’t try to satisfy anyone else but you because at the end of the day it’s you who is a matter of your dreams. So, go on and leave as your own.
After reading this, please don’t think I don’t believe in society, I am a strong believer of a society where there are not just Individuals but they live like a family who understands each other. As per me, society should be like:
Where the system exists not rules.
Where understanding lives not gossip
Where discipline acts not Laws.
Where trust should be there not fear
Where you get nourished not opposed
Where you get Respect not  Request
Where you have relation not just Connection
“Society always get Surprised and shocked when you do anything new out of common sense”
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