The power of fear can give you a focused and careful life which makes us realize being alive and truthful to ourselves. This emotion of fear makes you stronger and extract your best for doing anything. Because of fear we imposed to do anything and make our luck in favor of ourself and take your destiny in your hand.

Who wants to be afraid?
In our life, we got always some moments, where we were given the choice of selecting either to like or to fear. An easy choice, one might think. But In this world, with violence, terrorism, war, and disease choosing from this selection become on a daily basis of life for many. This is the power of fear that forces us to chose and live.

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Is there anyone who hasn’t struggled with fear?

Whenever we’re on the verge of making a serious discovery in our spiritual development, fear always steps into our path. Fear makes you stronger. It is the competitor who all tell all of our personal stories. It’s also quite true that we attract from what we fear. The more we fear a thing, the more likely it’s to happen. And if that left unchecked, fear will lead our lives. Yet, everything comprises a purpose and fear isn’t any exception. We always face some situation either during our work, travel, or even during sleep where a shadow of fear is all around us.

The power of fear and control can overwhelm you

power of fear

The power of fear can overwhelm a person. The feeling of controlling your emotions because of fear and tackling all problems and fear generated from it by your own is a very different feeling. Just imagine, ” How you will feel when a too much challenging task, which never handled by you is offered to you. and you very much successfully completed that with much more effectively and within time “.

The power of fear is a very strong power. This can make you proceed for that thing also which you have not done before. People who are afraid of something will do anything to feel safer because of fear. For eg.;

  1. When you got the feeling of losing your lover for some reason, then because of this fear you started to take more care of your lover. Making Him/Her happy, giving them gifts, spending time with them. All of this becomes possible because of only one thing, i.e. Fear.
  2. When you find that your job is in danger because you didn’t seriously take care of your work then this power of fear starts its action and you become serious towards your profession.
  3. You got to know that you are about to lose someone because of some illness you put all of your power to save them. this power of fear makes you much more stronger and capable than ever before.
  4. Fear of getting infected from corona force you to wear a mask always and locking yourself in a room without meeting someone physically.

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The positive face of Fear: Power of Fear

fear makes you stronger

Having fear of something doesn’t mean you are a coward or you don’t have the strength to face it. Getting fear from something gives you the signal of being alive, Being conscious, and being careful and active. There is also a good reason to be scared of some things because every time you get feared and overcome, fear makes you stronger.

Fear could be a messenger that warns us there could also be danger ahead. Its purpose is to guide us toward actions that may protect us likewise as our loved ones. it’s natural and healthy to feel fear. But like other natural tendencies, we’ve got, we need to master our fear and gain control of it.

We all wish for a stable, worry-free, comfortable, and peaceful life. We imagine ourselves that we’d feel safe and comfy if we could make life remain static, or secure. But without dangers in our lives, we cannot live to our highest potential, and we never fulfill that potential without learning from our fear.

If you take fear on a positive note you can feel and learn many things from it. This helps you in a much-diversified way to enhance the living of your life. If you have fear, this means:

  1. You are alive and careful about your life and the people you love.
  2. You increase your strength and potential to tackle any challenge.
  3. You are a proactive person and want to secure your life earlier from falling.
  4. You are learning new things.
  5. You create the capacity to overcome your failures.

Need and Deed of Fear: Power of fear

power of fear


Of course, you do not want to require it too far. you do not want to be so engrossed in your fear that you just become consumed by it. But there’s a balance to be achieved between that extreme and it’s opposite – avoiding, denying, trying to be unafraid. Avoidance of fear is our greatest barrier to spiritual growth and happiness.

When we try and avoid or deny our fear within the hope that we are able to just eliminate it, it always gets worse. Shutting out fear invariably shuts out the alternatives and blessings that might take us to the subsequent level of our soul’s development.

Fear is incredibly very similar to quicksand. The more you fight it, the deeper you sink. Embracing your fear is resembling relaxing in quicksand so you’ll stop sinking. Until we face our fear head-on and embrace it, it’ll dominate us.

Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist said, “The psychological rule says that when an inner situation isn’t made conscious, it happens outside as fate.”

Fear that’s ignored takes up residence in our souls and draws experiences to us during which it can exercise itself. We then find ourselves face to face with the identical fear-inducing experiences again and again.

The results of this can be that our ability to exercise our discretion becomes hampered more and more anytime we let fear take over. this could create extremely stubborn blocks in our spiritual progress, and might harm us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Avoiding fear, blocks us from the thrill we may be experiencing and blinds us to the Divine Light in our soul. But after we begin the journey toward embracing our fear, we start a healing process that leads us inevitably to our true Selves, the Self that’s Divine and we can feel the power of fear then. the full point of life is to come back to grasp ourselves as an element of that Divinity and to reunite thereupon Truth within.

Fear Shows the way to live and love: Power of fear

fear makes you stronger

When we are afraid, we are being endued with a chance to be told, to grow, to work out, and listen to the planet more clearly. Fear shows us the ways we hold ourselves back. It also provides us with energy that we will transmute into power within ourselves.

Don’t be petrified of fear. don’t reject it or push it away fear makes you stronger always. Instead of getting away from the fear move towards it, Love it. after you show compassion and tenderness toward your fear, you transform it into a strength, a sign of courage that eventually becomes the seat of peace in your soul. This can be what gives spiritual masters their peace. Nothing can sway them from their center because they need to transform their fear.

Fear is that the seed of courage. Even Savior experienced fear. A warrior experienced fear but the difference there is they fought with it, they love their fear, gain control of it, and mastered it. This is the power of fear that fear makes you stronger. It’s what we neutralize response to our fear that creates the difference. That’s where love comes in.

Love is fear’s perfect polarity. And love is ever-present throughout all eternity. Compassion for your delicate, fearful self always results in freedom from fear. Love transforms fear. there’s a magic that’s sparked once we give love and tenderness to our fear.

When you concentrate on love, its ability to touch you grows. once you channel love, it always comes back to you bigger than it absolutely was once you sent it. And after you love in fear’s presence, fear vanishes. a bit like once you shine a light-weight into a dark room. It pervades that darkness fills it up, and turns it to light.

So let your fear come to the surface. Whatever fear you will have, whether it’s large or small. Don’t fight it; just sit with it and obtain to grasp it. Ask it what it’s trying to inform you and hear what it’s going to be asking you for. Let yourself be moved by your fear’s needs. Let your heartbreak for your fear.

Understand and Acknowledge your fear

power of fear

Ask God for a deeper understanding of your fear and for a deeper understanding of the reality of affection. Let compassion and tenderness flow through you, replacing any previous judgments you will have had about your fear. Assure your fear that you simply hear it, that you just will make sure of it and its needs are met. See yourself wrapping your arms around your fear during a loving embrace. Feel your fear dissolving into your morality.

Often our fear is considered as our weakness- That if we acknowledge our fear and doubt, other people consider it as a message that we are somehow not capable enough and not strong to break our barriers. Initially, when you start acknowledging your fear you may feel a sense of doubt and shame. It can take your time to understand your fear, familiar with it, and self-believe to face it. Fear makes you stronger, and this is the power of fear.

This opens a door for life when you realize and acknowledge your fear. Acknowledging your is actually is a healthy thing to do with yourself. In fact, after your understanding and acknowledgment, you can feel that you are much capable to walk with your fear – to talk with it, listen to it, and to work with them instead of fighting with it. This is one of the mastery of life.

Once you’re in-tuned along with your fear and have found an understanding of why it’s come to you, you’ll be able to take the right action. this is often the thanks to own your fear and take personal responsibility for locating your own inner peace, regardless of your circumstances.


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