This world is temporary, We have to work on ourselves

There is a Very famous Shloka from Bhagavad Gita:

You have Came empty handed and will go Same way. Whatever is yours today, Was belonged to someone else yesterday, it will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are fascinated about thinking that it is yours. This happiness is the reason for your sorrow.
It explains how everything we have is just temporary like This world is temporary. We don’t have anything permanent. Whoever was with us during our birth will not be together for our whole life. We won’t have anything or anyone to stay with permanently. This world is temporary and we are just a visitor here. We can’t change the whole world but with our positive thoughts and Social works, we can leave our print on this planet.

We Need to Work on Ourselves First

this world is temporary
We work, earn, and live for ourselves and our family. It is our nature to think about everyone’s view and care what others will think. But if you want to make everyone happy it just won’t be possible. You can’t make everyone satisfied. Literally, you won’t able to do this.
You can’t think about everyone and give them what they want. And if you think more and more to fulfill everyone’s expectation and your mind will blow in stress and tension. Your life will become hell.
So, If we can’t make everyone happy then why not focus on ourselves and try to satisfy our minds and make us happy. Because it is also a fact that a troubled mind can’t create a happy environment. Without being happy and having our internal satisfaction, we never can make a change.
A mother never thinks about herself but for her family first. She works day and night even during her illness to fulfill other’s wishes. She doesn’t even have time to look for herself. But for a happy family that member must feel happiness so that home can be filled with positive energy and she can make everyone pleased.
A student always tends to take some subject to pursue which he/she never wants. He/She just takes it to make his/her family comfortable. But without having an interest in all that he/she can’t do good in that. Ultimately, His/her loving one also gets depressed with her downgrade in studies.
A person took some job. He never wanted. His wish to follow his dream is now in somewhere only in his heart. Because he need to do a job which help him and his family to survive.
A girl, After marriage, have to left her all her dream and wishes she want to fulfill, And she has to make new once because of this judgmental society. Just to make her family proud. So, everyone at her Law House became happy.
A couple need to get seperated only because of society for those people who only care if do someting out of their in-line rules.
These all are examples, How someone for some situation has to manage with his/her dreams and things which can make them really smiling. Just to show this society and for the wellness of our family. We don’t need to think so much about this society because Society is just a mental concept, In the real world, there are only individuals. And we need to take care of ourselves first take care of others.

You are your World

you are your world
Maybe after reading these all above you are thinking of a mean side of me. But I need you to think about my words twice. These all, maybe looking selfish but not really.
Let’s take a small story for example as stories are best to make us think.
There was a Bricklayer in a city. And only Bricklayer of that city. So, he was responsible for formation and repairing all houses there. He was so much determined about his work and puntual too.
He was so busy to repair and making others home. So he was not getting time for repairing his own roof. Whenever someone came to his house to call him for some work. They always used to advice him to repair it.
Initially all was good, his work and life was going well. His business never gave him time to work for himself. he was in much demand for making other’s house more and more over the years because of his responsible nature and create work style.
After a few years, His roof became so much damaged that it fall on him during his sleep and he died there. And that city after some days of sorrow, they were looking for a new Bricklayer.
Now, Think of this story putting yourself in place of that Bricklayer and his house as your world. You need to work on yourself before you will get into a situation where you won’t be able to do anything. You have to look for yourself Because you are the only one who knows you better your happiness, your wishes, and your dreams.
The principle here is regarding, “If you don’t look for yourself, after a while you won’t be able to take care of anyone else either.” Nobody will take care of yourself. you are just a medium for someone’s life. They were living before you and will live after you. The only difference will be the medium. Initially, it was you and after you, someone else will be.

People won’t Remember

people don't remember anything
Generally, people don’t remember everything for so long that you will be an Enemy or Very good Friend in their view always.
Your friend won’t leave you or break your friendship with you. If you won’t receive his call or pick him from the station. Maybe he can be sad but you can always manage to make it. If you are not so busy and can manage your time, No doubt you should pick him. But if you are busy and going somewhere else for some work then your friend too will not force you to do this for him.
Take some time for yourself too. Nobody is going to complain about this. Commonly, people don’t remember a few little events where you could not manage to give your time to them but they remember all those good time which was spent with you.

Keep your Need First

you are your first priority
As I tried to share my message from that story above. you always need to keep your needs on top priority. Otherwise, your mind will travel to a state where any social activity, meeting with friends, and having fun won’t show any effect on you.
We always need to feed our minds with laughter and pleasure. We need to free some time for ourselves only. In that, no one can disturb us. We can utilize that time for some party and having fun or we can spend it by thinking about some problem and its solution,
Our life, Relationship, and career much depend on how we treat ourselves. If we give some freedom to our mind it can think of the incredible creative Ideas and solution to some problems we are facing every day. We need to just seat on somewhere alone with our thoughts and memories only.
Need is what connects everyone. We also need to connect with ourselves. Always prioritize your need. This doesn’t mean I am advising you to become selfish. Self-Preservation and Self-Pampering are two very different things.
In Self-Pampering, You think only about yourself. You care about the need of others. While in Self-Preservation you take care of all and with all others you don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Know what’s Good for You

know your wishes
In this world, you are the only person who knows you better. You are the only one who understands your needs, demands, and Wishes. And you have to take initiative toward this to plan for its fulfillment.
So, why to listen to others and follow their advice. You need to work on yourself, Your aspiration, and your desires. Because it is very much unique with respect to others. It same as a problem-solving technique. Every problem has a different and unique solution because it varies as per person, condition, environment, and available resources.
You must remember that you are the hero of your life. All story around you depends on you and if you don’t take care of yourself all stories will collapse and what you get at last is a sad ending.
“Self-Caring is Not Self-Pampering, Its Self-Preservation”
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