04 things about your Thoughts that makes you. Happy, Rich, attractive or Rude All depends on you

Our actions, words, and emotions all depend on our thinking.  Our actions are just a reflection of our thought process. We think, we want and we act. This is the simple line of process, we do every day in our life.
  • From getting angry with someone sweet to Talk politely with an intolerable person.
  • From earning to spending.
  • From Seating beside someone to leaving some meeting
  • From, Our doing to our learnings.
All things we do and we can’t do is just an impression of what we think. We can’t even make a mistake without thinking of it. Whenever we take any decision, In our deepest mind there are always some pros and Cons that are already available. This thinking process and thought always help us with self-improvement.
We know those all from earlier but it is, just a matter of fact when we really realize it to accept it.

Our Thought We Think, we Act

Actions are result of our thought
We often used to say, that act was done mistakenly, Or I argued with him because my mood was not OK. But in my experience, We don’t do anything without knowing the consequence. We already know the result than only we argue with someone or take some decision.
Don’t you agree with my narrative?
OK, no problem…
Let’s take an example. It will clear all of your doubts If there is any.
You can scold your son on his silly acts but on those same acts you won’t scold your friend’s son, even these same acts will look cute at that time to you.
What’s your explanation for this?
Are you going to say it’s my friend’s son I can’t punish him?
If this is your explanation. You are wrong. okay, let’s just think deeper we are taking one more example.
Now Put your Brother’s son, in place of your friend’s son.
What will you do now for his faulty and silly acts?
I am sure you will tell him to stop those acts and even you can punish him.
So, what changed here…??
The only change here is your thinking and your knowing. You know very well that your son or your nephew will listen to your words because both of them have some level of fear from you. and you think that you can stop them to make those acts.
When it comes to your friend’s son, you rarely think about his acts. you actually don’t care and think about this too much. So, his act looks cute to you.
Our thoughts decide our actions and we react accordingly. We can’t shout to our boss though if you want to because you have some concern about the job, promotion, and ratings. But you will shout on your juniors without any reason or with reason. As you know they will just listen to you.
You talk to a person rudely only if you know that he/she can’t make any harm to you. if he/she can you will talk very politely even he was talking disrespectfully to you.

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Thoughts: Impression of Life

our thoughts makes our life
Our ultimate pleasure and satisfaction is that moment when we feel happy and feeling good about ourselves. A place for self-improvement and Happiness is always within our mind we just need to explore it, look for good memories, and Put aside all the thoughts which can disturb us.
We need to feel the importance of a positive attitude towards ourselves, others, and life. And it is more especially to look for during our bad times. only these good memories can help us to revive again.
Our thinking, learning, and needs are the driving forces of our life. We can be whatever we want. Just we need to change our perspective and all things will look simpler. We need to learn so that it can refine our thought process and this will result in a better way to communicate towards any purpose of life.
If we want to be Rich, first we need to learn the skills of saving.
If we want to earn more, than besides hard work we need to improve our skillset.
If we want to be happy we need to satisfy ourselves first because this world is temporary, what matter is yourself?
If you want to get respect, you have to first give respect.
These all are just a few examples where our little change in thinking can help us to drive our life towards new horizons.
Where not just our life will be easier but it will full of fun, enjoyment, and togetherness. We will have satisfaction in our minds for our life’s purpose.
Good thought or bad thoughts, it is just the state of our mind. Some chemical imbalance. We can change it and can change our behavior accordingly. Just we need to avoid bad vibes and accept good ones.
Only our thinking can be our motivation towards our life. We have to take deep thought before taking any life-changing choice.

Change your thinking, Change your life.

change your thought
We often think too much and act too little. Maximum of our time we know what we need but just because of our thinking we step back from getting it. Without taking a forwards step and asking for it we are not going to get anything in life.
We often look at a Guy/Girl, think He/she is so cute. Liked Him/Her instantly and instantly think…..Ohhh he/She must have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend. He/She is too good for me.
We always want to go on vacation. We see others are going to enjoy their life going on vacation. But we always think…Ohhh I can’t afford it. I have a lot of work, I won’t get leaves. Or, I don’t have money.
Money and Leave from work can be managed somehow but our time, that fun, enjoyment, those memories. We won’t be able to get back when time lapsed. We must have to think fast and act faster. Our life is short and we have to live it a lot.
We can change our life, and live our dream. We just need to believe in ourselves. We need to first believe that we are worthy. We must have to have it. This is the secret of life. Just change your thinking and Life will give you whatever you want.
When we change the quality of our thinking we can change our quality of life. Just as few motivational Seminars and positive words can fill us with positive energy and give a smile on our face. Just like that our thoughts react to the world instantly in the real-world, In real-time.

Do More to Think More

 If you have read up to this, you must have understood how our thinking process and our acts work. Now this Section is for how we can increase the boundaries of our thinking. How we can think exceptionally to make an impression on others and to take decisions more precisely.
By the way first of all let me tell you it’s not a simple and one-day process. It needs to be regularised and to make habit of yours. Let’s learn it step by step in  06 points:
  1. Stress and fear make our mind non-workable. 

    So, first of all, we need to develop a habit of not fearing anything. We need to train our minds in a way where we can find an opportunity in a difficult situation.

  2. Train your mind to be creative and Resourceful.

    This process will ask you to learn more and more about everything which struck you in your daily life. This will help you focus on your abilities and make you learn more skills.

  3. Don’t frustrate.

    Often we get frustrated when some work assigned to us not getting completed on time. Or it is too difficult to complete on time because of some regular problems.
    In this case, we need to calm our minds and think differently. and if you not about to concentrate your mind just leave it for another day. It is better to be late than to do it in a completely wrong way.

  4. Get up with a Positive attitude.

    Don’t ever think we can’t do this or this job is too difficult for me. We can always learn and do any job with perfection. yes, it will take a few days. But I am sure we can perform well in every situation.

  5. Focus on your Efforts.

    Sometimes we do a lot of hard work but the result is a big zero. at that moment we need to focus on our input. we need to re-create and re-structure our mindset and Re-plan for everything. Think more about that and some quick solution will be in your other pocket.

  6. Make your effort till the last line.

    We often lose our grip just before the finish line, thinking 95% has been completed and the balance 5% will be easily completed. But always remember making a piece of jewelry doesn’t take much time but improving its shaping and making this attractive take more time.

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Long Story Short

We have discussed here a lot about our thought process, actions, its impact on our lives, and how to improve our thinking. As we learned from the above section. We don’t act without thinking.
We always do after thinking about all consequences of our actions. so During our anger, we need to control our mind just take a deep breath drink some water, and then talk about that issue.
Taking breath and drinking water won’t give you a solution but it gives your mind a few seconds to calm down. Our anger is not permanent but it’s impulsive.
We need to learn to manage and process our thought so that we can do better in our job, Life, and our Relationship. Just think before act like we learn to Listen before we Act in my last blog.
“Thoughts are Fuel of our Life vehicle which drives us for our wellbeign”

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