04 Truth about basic Human Nature characteristics

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Truth about basic human nature
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Truth about basic human nature
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

As per Hindu mythology, there are 8.4M species on this earth. Among them, the human is considered to be the most intelligent and complex one because of our basic human nature. Human nature characteristics can’t be defined for each and every person.

Everyone has a different thought process and a different mindset. They have different needs and wants. But some human characteristics are the same for every person. We can say these human nature and behavior are in-built characteristics.

Here we are going to explain 04 truth about basic human nature characteristics which will be applicable to all human bodies on this earth and out from this earth too (for astronauts).

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Basic Human Nature: Importance of Feeling Important and Get Praised

The importance of feeling important
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Whenever you attained a get-together or going on a group trip. if are not feeling your space and value, then all those fun doesn’t have its worth. The desire of Feeling important has a much more superior position than anything other for human nature and behavior.

The importance of feeling important is much required than physical needs like hunger for food. Because after eating this urge settle down and you don’t ask for more at the same moment.

The importance of feeling important is also extremely desired than the Need for Love Because after getting the love of your life, your need for love is also satisfied. You don’t need anyone else to love you and your love feeling is fulfilled.

The importance of feeling important is bigger than the feeling of getting protection. Because when you are safe, your need to feel protected is lost. And the issue of protection is no more important after you getting secured.

The feeling of getting importance is the strongest feeling of human psychology. In basic human nature, this emotion of feeling important has its most prominent position. And this feeling of ours separates us from other creatures.

Because of the Importance of feeling important, we wear branded clothes, Share pics of our enjoyable moments, buy New latest and costly cars, and own high-tech gadgets. This urge of feeling important makes us do things like:

  1. Writing Designations on your Nameplate.
  2. Bragging about your kid’s success.
  3. Sharing your pic of any tour or if you are dining out.
  4. Create a group, where you feel important.
  5. Even doing some sort of crime to get famous instantly.

In a study this has been found that the reason to collapse any long-term relationship is not:

  • Abusive nature of Partners.
  • Absence of care and attention
  • Misbehavior, Cruelty, or exploitation.

But maximum log-term relationship no longer able to sustain because of the absence of these 02 things from the relationship:

  • Getting importance in someone’s life &
  • Getting praise from your partner.

In absence of these 02 basic human nature elements, any long-term relationship doesn’t find its place with an influence on each other’s life. And this becomes the reason for the breaking of relationships.

The expectation of getting praised and feeling important is the strongest human characteristic. When you start to praise someone for real, that individual too starts to think positively about you and feel more connected with you.

The more you know the importance of feeling important, the more you will take care of giving importance while talking to anyone or meeting anyone new. Giving more importance to others in your life will generate a positive vibe in that individual mindset and you will soon observe yourself being an influencer.

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Human Characteristics: People Value themselves

basic human nature
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

When you talk about basic human nature, you can’t skip this point that people value themselves only. Believe it or not, It’s a bitter truth that you always want to know about yourself only. You are much interested in yourself than you show interest in others.

Yet you don’t show your interest in yourself then also you always want to know about yourself like:

  • What do other people think about you?
  • What they talk about you when you are not around?
  • Are they impressed by you or not?
  • Are they feel your importance or not?
  • Do they have found of you or not?

People always themselves only accordingly, when you talk to someone keep this in your mind that you talk about that person only not about yours. when you give a feeling of importance to another person, that individual will feel attached to yourself and want to know about you.

By keeping these simple human nature characteristics in your subconscious, when you get into a conversation with someone, your primary target must be to talk about him/her. For example, you should talk about these things with him/her:

  1. Their feelings and emotions
  2. Their relatives and family.
  3. Their interest and passion.
  4. Their want and needs.
  5. Their respect and reactions.
  6. Their thoughts and things.

Never talk about your feeling and thought until they feel interested in yourself and ask you about yourself. this will help to generate an impact of your nature on them and to create a more in-depth relationship.

In short, basic human nature can be briefed as people value themselves only. the interest people show is in themselves for the reason to know, Is there anything special for them or not. If not, they will no longer stay there with you.

But when they got to know your concerns about themselves. they feel you more interesting and want to talk and spend time with you. they will feel more worthy around you which always leads to a good relationship.

This policy of human nature characteristics works everywhere. To get success in creating new relations you must consider this (i.e. people value themselves) as the basis of connection.

If someone is not asking about you, then you should automatically consider that, he/she is not at all interested in you. So, this will be better that you stop to brief about yourself

Some people got frustrated with this basic human nature and start to assume others as self-centered. they become judgemental and start to give their opinion about others even without knowing them.

Human Nature Characteristics: Everyone is self-Indulged

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

This thinking is in a fashion that, “We should not hope for any return while giving“. Thinking of people who donate with selflessness with basic fundamental theory.

Whatever you give to others, that will come back to you anytime, any place and in any form in substantially more amount.

But the truth is very much different than what you consider. In reality, our every action is inspired by 02 basic human characteristics:

  1. Self-interest
  2. Selfishness

When you donate anything to a charitable organization, that is also an action inspired by your self-interest because during donation you feel sympathy. Even for your hidden charity, you gain a feeling of harmony in your mind.

Mother Teresa spent her whole life serving and helping people in need. So, she can have the satisfaction of serving god.

Bill Gates Co-founder of Microsoft, One of the world’s richest man donated about US45$ billion for reducing poverty, improving the education system, improving the living of standard poor people, and helping the needy one. So, he can feel the satisfaction of humanity.

Mahatma Gandhi spends most of the life working and struggling to make India an independent country.

The actions of all of them are inspired by their self-interest which gave them thinking of bringing change to this world. These activities are having a positive vibe, not a negative one.

Those who regularly expect that people stop giving value to themselves, they regularly get disappointed and feel sad about basic human nature. There is no need to feel embarrassed if you are self-indulged.

Life is like this, we work for ourselves. That is a sign of our self-defense which is deeply integrated into our mind and thought process. this is one of the human characteristics which is base for our development and preservation.

This is a basic thing that, people value themselves and, they are self-indulged. this is basic human nature to think about itself first before anyone else and it is a bitter truth that you want or not, you have to accept.

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Human Nature Characteristic: Wish to return the favor

Wish to return favour
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

There is a deep sense of returning a favor is coded in-depth of the human mind. If you have helped someone for what he/she was not expecting then that person will always look for a chance to help you and return your favor.

For Example:

If any person has received a letter or email from an old good friend asking for his well-being and want to talk. then there is a 100% chance that that person will reply to his friend’s letter or mail and surely he will contact him to meet.

When you show your kindness to anyone then that individual will be always attentive towards you and look for any small to small or big to big chance to help you in his capacity. This works the same when you appreciate someone, that individual will not start to like you but also praise you in front of others.

This logic of giving and take is natural.

  • If you isolate yourself from others, all will start to ignore and won’t take any chance to talk to you.
  • If You seem to be neutral to all and interest in you from others will die gradually.
  • If you insult anyone, he/she will always look for a chance to humiliate you in return.

When you do anything with negative psychology then you will have to receive negativity with much more significance. As well if you are doing constructive work with a positive vibe then you must receive something good in return at any stage of your life. These all are “Law of Nature of Equal and opposite reaction” of nature.

Basic Human Characteristics In Brief

truth about basic human nature
This needs to consider and have developed a few habits in your life for a good and healthy relationship with others. Summary of the most important basic human nature is explained here for your easy remembrance and solubility in your nature.

A. Importance of Feeling important and get praised

The feeling of getting importance has a unique place in basic human nature without which no relation or friendship can sustain for a longer time. You must praise to people you meet in your daily life for having a healthy relationship with all.

B. People Value themselves

Everyone in this world wants to know and listen to himself only. If you are talking about yourself only then you won’t be considered as an interesting person and others will leave you as soon they get a chance.

C. Everyone is Self-Indulged

Everyone in this world always thinks about itself first. During any disruption, it is a natural reaction to save yourself first. Our all actions are either inspired by i) Self-Indulgement or ii)Selfishness.

D. Wish of Returning the favor

When you do some unexpected help to anyone he will remember it and will always look for a chance to return. In the same way, if you do something wrong to anyone he will always look for a chance to harm you.



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