What are you giving your next generation to live ?

First of all, Just ask yourself and your generation a few questions:
  • When was the last time you plucked a fruit from a tree to eat?
  • When did you see the farm of vegetables/Fruits for real?
  • When you found yourself swimming in a Pond, not in a swimming pool?
  • When you clicked a snap so carefully to save a photographic film?
  • When was the last time you dropped a letter for your dear ones?
There are so many things we are already missing. to make a list of all in just one blog is not possible but you can go to your childhood to recollect all these lost memories.
OK…Now just think about all that thing you have done in your early days. Just thinks about that for a few minutes only, please try it. You will feel how amazing our adolescents were.

Look back to your childhood

Back to childhood

If you have, think back to your childhood, you must have found that how our childhood was full of fun and enjoyment without any worries of getting sick or dirty.

Now compare your early days with your kids and younger ones from your known.
What did you observe? Is your’s and that kid’s childhood is the same?
I don’t think you are going to say, YES..!!
We all know our days were not as much stressful as our younger ones have. We don’t have to worry about our playing location or the quality of water from any tap. It was not injurious to drink from any tap. But these kids won’t react in the same way.
You must have recollected that memory of playing cricket. when our ball gets into some drain pipe and we just picked out from there and after making some bounces off it, our ball is ready to play again. We didn’t have to carry so much load while going to school.
We had a single Television for the whole family and, in some cases for the whole building. We used to eagerly wait for Sunday to watch our favorite shows on DD National.
We are the generation who used to remove their shoes before entering our computer classes. We used to get Comics on rent to read it. And blow on CD cassettes before playing it.
In our time information was not so easily available. We have to make a lot of effort to gather information regarding our school project.

Are we making this Difference to our NextGen?

Are we reason for this difference for Next generation

Now we are living in a world where there is a regular competition among all of us to show, how their upbringing of their kid is better than others. We consider that the performance of our kids will directly affect our respect and view towards us from society.

This all leads to creat pressure for our kids and younger ones. We regularly force them to learn a different skill and get higher and higher marks in their studies. This makes them live in stress and because of that their meaning of childhood is lost somewhere.

Here we are the only ones who can protect their “Bachpan” and their innocence. We need to make them free, to realize their worth as an Individual. We shouldn’t put them under pressure to perform in front of society just to show off ourselves.

The world, In which we are currently living is just artwork from some good architecture where all rules are set and these rules are not allowing our younger ones to explore themselves. There can also be a reason for our fear of social negativity or our excessive care for them to make them so developed that they can survive in this world.

Whatever will be the reason, what matters is we have to provide a well progressive natural environment where our NextGen can grow their intelligence and creativity with our guidance, not pressure.

Learning From Our Lifestyle for Generation Z

Generation Z
We have learned many things about life. We learned about the drawbacks of our lifestyle and some good things too. I don’t think any of us is satisfied with his/her current lifestyle and work-life. We really think about how good it will be if we really follow our passion and dreams.
  • If earning money is the ultimate goal why we are not having any financial education from our early days.
  • If enjoying life is matters why there is so much stress in the environment.
  • If the family is all for us why most of our time is not with our family. why we are living far far away from them and meet very occasionally.
We need to develop a kind of environment in terms of Education and Social values, where we can learn the real meaning of life. We need to develop our education system to make it directional concerning different needs of learning.
We need to evolve our surroundings where our NextGen can feel the enjoyment to play, eat, learn, and grow. Our NextGen is our hope, how the future of our society and this Planet will get shape. We need to change, to change the mindset of the next generation.
We can lead them to grow in a well-specified manner because we are the only one who is connected with our cultural roots as well as modern technology.
“Change is in Nature, But Construtive change is what matters”
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