What will be effect of Corona crisis on my job….??

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55 days have passed during this pandemic. We are still in lockdown, waiting for the creation of vaccines and bring this virus effect to fruition. In the current scenario, the maximum of us is at our home either working or waiting for the call from our management. We are in panic of losing our job and always tincture to complete the order from our “BOSE”. we are so attentive towards any work given by IS, and also curious to know, what’s going in the management. Is there any meeting is going on to prepare a list for firing its employee or what..??

Experts say currently everyone is the stress of losing their job in this current crisis as none of any organization is fully functional. They reduced their workforce to maintain work with social distancing. The production rate has been deliberately low and companies are making a loss. They are either thinking of not paying salaries to their employees or to fire them. A recent study shows 27% of employees have lost their job in these 8 weeks of lockdown. yet the government has allowed starting work but in the absence of workers in basic required formation, no one can start their work.

It has been a very crucial stage of this pandemic that everyone has a fear of viruses as well as strain to pay their EMI’s. 14 million people from the age group of 25-30 have lost their job till the week ending May 10th. 

download%2B%25282%2529The government is regularly announcing some relief package but it has no effect to stop or at least reduce this unemployment rate.

Hoping these all scenarios will be controlled soon and some good news will flow in the market which can save our jobs and increase the employment rate too.

After this pandemic, many European companies are trying to relocate their production unit from China. It can be a golden chance to we Indians if our government take a quick action to give these companies a place with liberalization in taxes and other rules. This can be our only hope to evolve us from this job loss situation and increase the employment rate as well as country GDP.

In my view, if also we will lose our job during this epidemic. Jobs will be recovered after passing these circumstances. after all, after a few months, all industries will run as it was running earlier and even will enhance their production rate. For all this they will need a workforce and who can help them better than their old employees who knows all process and method of their company.

It will be a matter of a few months only during which we need to be extra cautious to spend our money. We need to spend only on very very essential items. Possibly we need to learn, to create an emergency fund for a situation like this. To maintain very needy expenses for the safekeeping of our family.

Always Remember…..

  1. whatever hard time is this, It will go on and New sun will shine again.
  2. Always spend your money cleverly.
  3. Always maintain an emergency fund for your family.
  4. Always invest in your good earning days and save money.
  5. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

“On the other side of this darkness, a new day will slowly dawn. – Corban Addison” 



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