Why and Why not we should boycott Chinese products?

boycott Chinese products
We always have a group of people present who continuously campaigning to boycott Chinese products. And a large no. of people are also who buy these products. Buyers don’t have any intention to hurt The patriots or it’s not the fact that Chinese product buyers don’t love their country.
It’s a matter of fact that Cheap Chinese Products attract people. It’s open to all that whatever you will buy from some other branded company, China will provide you the same product in just half of that price and in some cases 1/3rd too.
Yes, Chinese products are not of good quality. but this fact is just a story nowadays. You can witness in the market that many Chinese Electronic Products are available in good quality too. By the way, there will be always a compromise, when you want to pay less for high-end tech. You are just buying that product because you don’t have enough money to purchase a really good quality product which belongs to a well-reputed Brand.

Why Chinese Products are so cheap?

Why Chinese products are cheap
China has a well-built setup of industries that can produce any kind of product in bulk. This mass production strategy and low labor cost is the main reason from the list. Apart from that, China always subsidies from the original price of the product. This leads to gain the bulk volume of sell with obviously less margin of profit.
Just consider what will be the scenario when you will sell 10,000 no. of item per day with just 2 rupee profit margin instead of 500 no. of item 10 Rupee profit margin. Obviously, a high volume of sell even with less margin can provide you a more elevated profit.
Not only the labor cost but the expense of raw material in China is also very quiet low. Also, China doesn’t expense the cost of health and safety regulations and Environmental regulation. China doesn’t provide workmen compensation insurance.
These all cut in the cost, low-cost material & worker, Mass production, Bulk volume sale makes a Chinese product cheap.

Can India Boycott Chinese Products?

Is this possible to boycott Chinese products?
The current production scenario doesn’t allow us to boycott all these Made in China products. We don’t have such a setup and ease of setting up a production unit. Currently, India is not capable of bulk production for all those specific Items. And without bulk production, the current production rate will not fulfill all the demands.
For India, China is the largest trade partner. From the total import of India, China Individually shares for 18%. while India’s export is only about 9%. We receive 20% of Auto components, 70% of electronic elements, 70% of consumer deliveries, 40% of leather products from China and the list will go on.
Let’s have a look at the India-China trade in the Year 2019.
China-India Trade 2019
We are about 1/3rd of the value of what we import from China. Boycotting China will not really help us instead it can lead to a downfall of our economy until we create such a setup and Industrialisation where our production grows and India will become a production heart.

How India can become self-sufficient?

self-sufficient India
Historically, India was the largest economy in the world. Our Country ruled all over the globe in terms of trading from the 1st century BCE to the Century ending before British Raj. Our economy was so strong that India was called a “Golden bird”. Our production rate, Civilisation, trade system was so much developed. But after the British Raj, all got destroyed.
We have lost nearly all our treasury. Our production system and trade market got vanished. Though India has developed so much after its independence. Then also we need to create a much more strong infrastructure which can attract companies from other countries.
“Make in India” campaign though boost our production rate but in absence of proper foundations, we are unable to amplify our production rate. Our government needs to ease its trading policies and provide sufficient infrastructure support to companies. So, India can be a production hub and we won’t need to depend on our requirements in countries like China.

Boycott Chinese Campaign

boycott Chinese products
After this COVID-19 pandemic, the Boycott Chinese products campaign got a raise. This virus from Wuhan hurt the sentiments of people all over the globe. People from every country started to raise their finger against China and Chinese products.
Many companies are planning to shift their product unit from China. It can be our golden opportunity to bring all those companies to make a boost in our production rate. This can make our country a production hub. people will get employment and our economy will get development.
This warfare did make the effect to add its value to boycott Chinese products. The confederation of all Indian traders, representing 7 crore traders has announced to boycott 3.000 products from China. This really influenced our buyers too. A new campaign called “Indian good-Our Pride” has been launched from the 10th of June’20 to support Boycott Chinese Products Campaign.
Priminister’s call for “VOCAL for LOCAL” also got promoted with this new drive of Boycotting Chinese Products. We are now in need to aware while purchasing anything. We need to make a habit to see the “Made in India” emblem before purchasing any item.
Our united support towards Boycott Chinese products can help our economy to grow and to enhance the Make in India program too.

Take away from the Article


The bullet point we must consider before making any decision regarding boycott Chinese products are the following:

  • Our boycott will not make any effect at an instant on the Chinese economy.
  • We import a maximum of essentials from China.
  • 70% of the Electronics item we use belongs to China.
  • Currently, We don’t have such production hud which can produce in bulk to fulfill our demands
  • Surely we can’t Boycott all the Chinese items of a sudden but we can slowly and steadily try to leave one by one all those made in China products.
  • We need to enhance our production rate and support “Make in India”.
  • We need to make a habit to look for alternative Indian products.
  • Purchase local products as much as we can. Let’s be “VOCAL FOR LOCAL”.
India can become a GOLDEN BIRD again, with our awareness and SUPPORT” 
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