Why do my alarm clock wake up earlier than me ?

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Why do my alarm clock wake up earlier than me

It is a daily question that almost everyone asks ourselves that Why do my alarm clock wake up earlier than me?

When we put 2 or 3 alarms in the interval of 5 minutes each before sleep or wake up at a time other than the scheduled, or we snooze the alarm clock in hope that we will get up after 10 minutes or quite the alarm clock thinking of 5 minutes more and goes to a long drive with sleep or the alarm clock not even heard by him.

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Why do my alarm clock wake up earlier than me?

I heard somewhere, find a reason for your doing and things would be easier. I tried several or many times along with the reason by working so much on reason. But sometimes I choose a less genuine or not sufficient reason for the task to be done and sometimes I feel the task is not so important.

I admire that, I left many things undone that I started after lots of planning by sailing for good reasons. I never finished any book or novel, I started for completing it* because of which now it terrifies me when I find good books to start reading. It might remain incomplete and one more undone task will be added to the bucket.

I am writing this because somewhere it hurts me and also to find the cause of not being active toward my self-made plans.

“I started things to complete it” – is this the reason for the initiation? If it is completed but zero is taken away, again what’s the reason for taking the book in hand?

“I want to wake up for doing the this-this task at 5 o’clock” – what’s more important, doing the task of waking up at 5 o’clock? Things need clarification, a clear picture. I never get late when I have to catch a train very early in the morning with my reservation in 1st class.

No matter whether it was a good sleep at night or not. I wake up before the alarm clock to fulfill the purpose. One of my friends advised me to do a trick so that I wake up early without failing. He said, “keep 1000 rupees in your pocket when you go to sleep.

If you do not wake up on time the next day, tear those. Repeat & increase the amount by 500 each time till you succeed. I believe it will work.”

But I never tried. Why?

Because of The same advice, I refer to one of my friends. He was also suffering the same, not waking up on scheduled time. He gave me a smile and it feels like now he is in greater trouble than early waking up. He also never tried, So I am.

I did not think & tried to understand why it was happening. Same with my friend too. And the things continue to go on as it was like. Complaining daily about not getting up early And making fake promises every day for the next day to myself. Why both of us not even tried?

The answer is quite simple: “Money matters more than getting up early” or “Waking early is not so important”. I understand it by relating to the incident where I woke up earlier than the alarm clock when I had to catch a train, or when I have to go for work, or some important event was there in next morning which can be cause for you to lose.

Again rethink what is the Problem?

Don’t we want to adopt good habits? Come on, who will not. It is not an adequate question that one should ask himself. Asking the right question is very important because it gives us a direction to travel. The right question is” For what reason do I want to get up early? “.

The answer may come out as ” THE VISION

The vision behind Waking up early

Vision is a must for making any wish or doing any activity. If it’s not clear you won’t make any effect. Now the question is:

Is it clear to me? Do I believe in it? If any of the answers to the two questions is NO, it is necessary to first work on the vision or simply accept the fact that it is not clear. I have to work on it till then, it is alright to be confused. Since I know and accepted the truth, I am now on the right path.

I know that it is the same point from where I started. But now the picture is clear. Now the background behind the picture is not fake. I do not have to wake up for the reason I do not believe in it. I am now on the way for THE VISION from the experiences, I daily learn. Only I have to keep my eye open and observe the happenings in the surroundings. Not to say “NO” without doing and experiencing it.

Now I do not require any alarm clock to get up once my vision became clear to just in front of my eyes.

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