Why this makes me to feel like visitor at my own home?

sad, feel like guest

Working far from home

this makes me to feel like visitor at my own home

This makes me to feel like visitor at my own home.

It is my story or possibly it can be yours too. Because it’s imaginable that you too work far far away from your home and always looking for a way to get leave and to meet our loved ones. I don’t know about you but I feel this way.

Working at long distances for a long duration is the only option we have as it is not so necessary that we will get our job in our home state or near our home. We need to travel far to search for a good job with comparably good income. That’s the reason we have to leave away from our loved one to make our career, to earn money for better survival of us as well as to raise our standard of living.

Getting a Job and Leave😒

After completion of my studies, I looked for a job as every once a student does and I got it too. Far from home, far from my state. It actually so far that if I travel via train it will take 38 Hrs. of the journey to reach me home. it was too difficult to go home during the job as taking leave is not an easy task and also too much leave is not good for just started career.
I was working far from home seem like for 11 months without taking a leave of more than 1 day. During the company holidays too, I was not able to go home because of that so much distance. After some while, I managed to depart from my working station to my home station. This leave was for 15 days and no more.
Wanna Feel like Home
Feel like home
When I come to my home I felt very different. this makes me to feel like visitor at my own home. Just imagine how will you feel when you even don’t remember which switch was used to turning on the light or fan.
The environment at my home was not changed though I feel like a different place. This is maybe because of the long absence of myself for long-duration from home or it is just my memory. I really felt like I don’t remember anything from this place.
Okay just consider, How would you make your guest feel at home. The actions of my family were very similar to that. Special food preparation was going on. All those usual stuff like “How was the journey?”, “Was the train late?” and “How work is going on?” were making me a little bit uncomfortable. this makes me to feel like visitor at my own home.
I was regularly talking to my home, every day. Since I left for the job. We had talked about that earlier too but asking again these all was not so usual to me.
Treatment for me was like how you treat a guest at your home. I don’t want anything special but the very same thing before I left. But it family they always care for you and also I came after so long time. It’s all-natural, but making me cheerless.
I only want to feel at home. where my whole childhood ticking away. Where all my memories are hidden. I want the same way, the same feel as I felt earlier.

My Luggage: Reminder to GO BACK

this makes me to feel like visitor at my own home
From the first day of my leave, my luggage was with me. This consistently reminds me that how many days are left to live at my home and to enjoy freedom from work. When at home, I used to take my clothes from this bag only and everything of my need is in that luggage.
From tooth-brush to mobile charger, From socks to Tie all the required items. Whenever and whatever I need anything I must have to go to it. This situation always nudging that I am at my home for a very limited period. I will have to leave this place after some days.
Though this bag can’t tell anything. But a silent feeling from this makes our daily life on the count.  I and my family always had an emotion of time until my last day at home.

Going back to work

These 15 days of leave is about to end. I stayed at home with a mixed feeling of relaxation, enjoyment, and emotional discomfort. My days are over here, now I need to go back to my work. Already it was known to all of us that it will happen. That luggage was too there as a reminder.
I and my family were emotional when I left but, Everyone tried to hide it. because it was not goodbye but just a phase where everyone seems to be weak emotionally.
Life is like this only we stay far from home where we always remind our loved one. We take leave to meet them. We go home and felt like a visitor. We make everyone emotional. Our family always tries to make our visit there a good one. Like a host always try for Guest satisfaction. We came back from home for work and this cycle continues.
This is life and very few lucky ones can get their satisfactory job near home. this is a need for time and situation. Otherwise, no one wants to stay away from their family members.
This is life it needs to go on. We just keep in mind that we are far from our Family only for our loved ones. All hard work and success will matter to you if your family is with you, without them you are nothing. It’s a family that makes your success enjoyable twice and failure to zero.
“The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.”



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